Meeting Recap – 2/26/2012

Officers, sponsors and team draft captains met (today) Sunday, February 26th at Tobey Park at 11:00 AM to review plans for the 2012 HDL Season.   Attendees:  L. Rutledge, J. Moroschak, J. Huggins, R. Miller, N. Harris, J. Wolfe, L. Hunsucker, J. DiGiacomo, B. McMinn. Also present: D. Pearce, D. Sexton, C. Mister.


  1. Financial Issues – Cleared up confusion about current sponsor fees vs new sponsor fees. Current sponsors fees will remain as is.  Any “new” sponsors added in future will be quoted our sponsor fee to be a minimum of $350.  Player dues will be as previously announced – $135 per player

  2. Team Draft Format – It was proposed, and agreed, that four best players in HDL that deserve the opportunity to serve as “Draft Captain” These Captains are:  James Skinner, Brady Benjamin, Nick Harris and Bo McMinn.  Jodie Wolfe appreciated our consideration of his phenominal record last year as a pitcher, but he felt this year’s draft captain should go to Bo McMinn.  After discussion, the role of the sponsors will be to: assist the draft captains during the team draft. At the end of meeting, names of selected Draft Captains were placed in a hat then each sponsor representative pulled a name from hat.  Peterbilt had 1st pick and drew “Nick Harris“. Josh Huggins had 2nd pick and drew “Bo McMinn.” The 3rd pick was made by Schak and he drew “James Skinner.” Jodie Wolfe was left with “Brady Benjamin.”  Planned Team Draft date is Sunday, March 25th.

  3. Manager Selections:  Everyone understood that each team will choose their own 2012 Manager after the Draft.

  4. 2012 Schedule – Preliminary schedule was reviewed.  There were no major issues with the schedule. It was mentioned that players be reminded that the schedule is subject to change if excessive rainouts or other unplanned interruptions occur.

  5. All Star Game – Everyone liked the concept and were willing to make this a fun event.  We had two options for player placement. Probably the best method will be for each team to select their 6 best “All Stars”.  Three (3) players from each team will Play for the National Division Team and 3 will play for American Division Team.  This will create a team roster of 12 players per All Star Team.  Adding to this special event will be a Home Run Contest with special awards.The Home Run Contest will be open to all HDL Players, not just all-star participants.  We may create age bracket competitions and even add some interior “fence” lengths to create a point system so that all fly balls hit would have different value.   For instance, one point for a ball that travels between 300 – 310 feet, 2 points for a ball that travels 310 – 325 feet, 3 points traveling inside inside fence from 325′ to 370′, then 4 points for all balls hit over the fence.  The “longest ball hit over the fence, in fair territory, would earn an extra 1 point.  Additional ideas are welcome.

  6. Wood Bat Games – The HDL will provide “some” wood bats.  Any players wanting to provide their own wood bat can buy them locally at: All-American Sporting Goods, Dowdle Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, or Dick’s Sporting Goods. Wood Bats are available on-line at: or

  7. MSBL Proposal – At this time, there is no interest in HDL forming a separate team to play in the MSBL.  Any HDL players who would be interested in playing in two leagues should contact Mr. Glenn Mayfield.

  8. Other Topics – Players (New and Current) No one at the meeting was sure about who might not be returning for the 2012 season.  Former HDL favorite, Jeff Combs, has announced his return to HDL. Also, Rick Haygood is rumored to be back in Memphis and may decide to lace ’em up this year.  New players are welcome.  Tim Harris has a couple of friends indication an interest in joining the HDL this year.

Two weeks remain before players report for spring training.  If anyone talks to other players or new friends interested in playing baseball this season, remind them of the start date.  Stay in touch with this Blog to get the latest updates.

Larry Rutledge

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