HDL Game Schedule Comments

Some HDL players have expressed concern about repeatedly playing same team and not playing other teams.  I have looked at the schedule and found there is nothing exaggerated about the match-ups.  Last year we created a schedule where match-ups were series based, similar to major league format. It did not work out as intended. This year we tried to rotate teams on the schedule so different teams would be matched-up less often. But with only 4 teams, you have to expect match-ups to repeat pretty quickly.

Here are some of the facts about this year’s schedule:  (See REVISED Schedule dated 5-15-2012, version 1.4  Page update)

  1. Ten (10) Friday Night dates. ( 2 of 10 dates already completed – 8 dates remain) Regular season games are played on 23 weekends from April 13 to September 16th.
  2. Total of only 9 Double Header’s and eleven (11) Sunday’s with only single games   scheduled.
  3. Each team is scheduled to play a total of either 19 or 20 games. Six (6) games against other teams with either 3 or 4 games as the Home Team vs Visitor.
  4. Post Season Playoffs will go back to Double-Elimination Format.
  5. With odd number of games, Home & Visitor games are not equal.
  6. During June, July & August, only one Sunday per month is designated a DH. During this span, there are 4 weekends where two teams have “byes”.  Note: These dates could change if rainouts occur.
  7. Wood Bat weekends are pre-set for April 29 & August 5th.  Note:  Games on Friday, July 27 and Sunday, July 29thto be changed to Wood Bat games.
  8.  The August 3-5 weekend when Wood Bat Tournament occurs, the HDL will swap games on 7/27-29 with scheduled Aug. 5th date to be Wood bat games to help players prepare for Wood Bat Tourn.


What I see as the greatest impact of same teams playing frequently is Team Manager’s are starting the same pitcher against the same team.  The HDL has always encouraged teams to establish a pitching rotation to allow all players who have earned an opportunity to play the pitching position get their fare share of time on the mound.  What I have seen is our Team Managers are more concerned about wins & losses than allowing “less used” pitchers to get their chance.  One of the pitching rotation factors has been this year’s manager’s urgency to get rookie pitchers their quota of 15 inning total as soon as possible.  This will add more flexibility later in the year when games start to get important for final play-off match-ups.  Most Batter’s prefer to face different pitchers.  It also helps give the games a different feel, even though the team match-ups are the same.

I hope this explains the concerns some of you have had.

Keep playing hard and work on your fundamentals.  If anyone is paying attention, the players who show-up and prepare themselves before the game tend to have more success than those who “just show-up” and try to play on past memories instead of developed good fundamental habits.

See you at the next ballgame.

Larry Rutledge

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