No More Lip Service

This post is not about any loose lip player, manager or officer.


No, this is to let all infielders know that bad hops caused by the raised infield grass lip in front of Second Base has been modified.  I am not going to guarantee that it totally eliminated bad hops (remember, this is Tobey) but balls bouncing through this area will be interesting to see how the new landscape affects play in this critical area of the diamond.

Special thanks to Bruce Monti and Ray Reinhart for coming out today and helping with this project.


View looking toward Pitcher’s Mound.

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If I were you, I would take complaints about the infield with a grain of salt. If anyone complains let them come out to the field and make necessary modifications that they think would help , within reason. You have done an outstanding job on working the field and getting it into better playing condition than any ball field in the city . The changes to the dugouts, manicuring of the field with clay , dirt and the removal of sod has been tremendous. For someone to complain about anything related to the playing surface of the field is ludicrous . I personally think you have done far more than your share of work to the field and should enjoy the fruits of your labor .

Thanks for your dedicated work , Larry Hunsucker

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