Let there be Water!

Field Watering Upgrades – July 2, 2012

Today a high volume oscillating Sprinkler Stand was moved to Tobey and hooked up to the secondary hose that we store along the third baseline side fence.
As hot and dry as the weather has been, the outfield grass at Tobey Baseball field has been neglected.  With such a large area, lots of water is needed to be effective. The local weather forecast does not have any reliable predictions that rain will visit our area anytime soon.  So if we want to improve the outfield grass survivability, we have to do what it takes to get water out there.
In past years, I have used a rolling water sprinkler that can cover a wide area but is labor intensive.  The stationary Sprinkler Stand was obtained by Mark Jackson and Paul Baioni several years back before we knew where any sprinkler connections were in the outfield.  This watering device has a water distribution diameter of approximately 60 feet.  For the next few days this equipment will be used to see how it works.

Starting behind Second Base

      Sprinkler needs to be moved about every hour.

Infield Game Prep Hose Extended

Everytime we work the infield dirt before a game, we are limited as to how far we can cover the dirt area from Shortstop to Third Base.  The Hose ahs always been about 25-50 feet too short.  Well today I scavenged a section of broken hose that has been laying over near Tobey Softball field #3.  This 20 foot section was spliced into our existing hose so now we should be able to get water coverage all the way to farthest infield dirt behind Third.

Our main hose is now longer.

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