Game Procedures – When Rain is in forecast

As a reminder and to all first year players:

As a rule, unless notified via phone call, text msg, email or website update, make your plans to be at Tobey Park 30 minutes prior to your scheduled game time.

For Sunday, July 8th:

Early Saturday afternoon and evening scattered thunderstorms and scattered showers have hit various local areas within and surrounding the Memphis  metropolitan area. As of 9:30 PM, no major showers have occurred near Tobey Park.  What showers that have occurred have been so brief that once rain stopped, within 30 minutes the ground surface has been completely dry.

Overnight the probaility of rain is supposed to decrease.  We will continue to monitor local (Tobey) conditions and update this website by 7:30 AM if any serious rain occurs that will affect scheduled games at Tobey Park.

If you prepare to depart for Tobey in the morning and you have questions about current conditions, feel free to contact me or check this website for the latest conditions.

We will still follow our plans for early 1st game start time this Sunday at 8:45 AM. Both for possible heat conditions and the threat of mid-afternoon thunderstorms that have been forecast. Second game will try to start at 11:15 AM.


Larry Rutledge


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