MLB All-Star Game 2012

I can’t believe I am home tonight and watching the MLB All-Star game. For the past couple of decades, I have just about always been either playing Fastpitch Softball or umpiring the game.  Tonight was no different.  I was assigned to umpire an Inner-City Developmental girl’s fastpitch softball league. However, around 4:50 PM the bottom dropped out of the sky and a gully-washer blew through mid-town. (another bonus: I won’t need to water Tobey field this week – hooray!) So as soon as I confirmed the softball game was a Rainout, it sunk in – All-Star Game! YES!

The game is a beautiful site. Everyone there wants to be there.  The last time I was at a game in Kaufmann Stadium I was with a baseball hungry group of HDL friends and players as we were on our way home from Omaha.  You see, we recruited 12-14 Memphis HDL players to travel 10+ hours to Omaha NE to play a weekend tournament against similar teams from various midwest cities, including Chicago and St. Louis.  We played on Friday night and as soon as our game was over, it started raining and rained for over 12 hours. Earlier in the day many of us did a “walk-around” at Rosenblatt Stadium where the College World Series is played.  On Saturday we were scheduled to play a 1:00 PM game at Rosenblatt. We were excited so you know how dissappointed we were when the tournament was “washed-out.”

We left on Sunday, so stopping in KC and catching the Royals and Red Sox was a “no-brainer.”  We all sat in upper level seats near the right field foul pole.  It was a bright sunny day because the front had moved through over night. The good thing about our seats was there was a “Refreshment” center very close by. It was George Brett’s last or next to last year in Majors and he got his 4000th hit in the game. It was fun.  (“Ask David Sexton about his date for that weekend?”)

All-Star Log:

  • NL jumps on Verlander (aka’ Nick Harris) and take a 5-0 early Lead.

  • Matt Cain shines on the mound for NL – “Way to go Matt!”

  • This game has intensity and will go down to the wire. (3rd Inning)

  • 4th Inn – Furcal – unassisted DP (6-3)

  • Strausburg can throw as hard as Verlander.

  • Ryan Braun might be the MVP of All-Star game.  (NL 8 – AL 0)

  • Bryce Harper showed why he’s a rookie. Now watch him get a hit.

  • Kershaw used 4 outs to get out of the inning.

  • Chipper leads off the 6th with a hit. OK – The Chipper show is now over, let’s play ball and win one for “Chipper!”

  • Bottom of the 7th – time to light up the Victory Cigar!

  • AL going to their “Closers” to try to slow down the NL.

  • Top of 8th – same score.

  • Bottom of 8th – Kimbell is a maniac. 2 K’s & Toney brings in Chapman. They said Chapman was throwing 105 in the Bullpen. I can’t wait!

  • I take it back!  This will not be a close game!

  • Bottom of the 9th.  AL better get to hitting!

  • Papelbon gets the last out – “It’s a SHUT-OUT!”

  • No more to come. . . . . This has been fun.  Hope you enjoyed it!

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