Hot to Cold : Cold to Hot

Today’s Blog will be brief.  I have so much to do this week and on my mind it’s difficult to come up with lots of details about this past weekend’s HDL games. Between now and Thursday morning I have to: Help work on Jesse Turner field renovation, keep water on Tobey grass, pack for my trip on Thursday, help coordinate the HDL Peterbilt Wood Bat team, Volleyball Official meeting and Umpire Softball.

Friday’s game was the first of two Wood Bat designated games slated for this weekend.  Originally these games were just randomly scheduled to add some HDL nostalgia to our regular season. But since 2 All-Star teams from the HDL have been entered in the River City Wood Bat Classic that kicks-off this next weekend, the HDL games took on a different meaning for those signed up to participate in the tournament.  This was a chance to gets used to swinging the “lumber” and adjusting to how the ball travels off the wood bats.

Friday night the Peterbilt Red team put the game out of reach early as they scored 5 runs in the 1st and 2nd innings then continued to make every out tough for the Homer Skelton – Metlife White team. Nick-at-Nite was “ON” and determined not to have a let-down like some of his previous starts.

Nick Throws B-B’s!

Nick Harris recorded 12 strikeouts – 9 Swinging and 3 Looking. The Red team seemed to enjoy the Wood Bats and some players actually hit the baseball very well with Wood.

It didn’t help the White team that their line-up was thin with players filling in different positions. Chris Slayton got the starting pitcher nod for White team and usually his assorted pitches are effective but for a variety of reasons, Chris’s defense never gave him a chance to get settled down on the mound and by the 4th inning, Travis Hill had to take-over for a change of pace.

The game was interrupted in the 6th inning when outfielder, Rick Haygood collapsed in the outfield when he tried to throw a fielded ball back into the infield and felt his back tighten up to the point he had to lay down. After determining Rick’s back was not going to recover quickly, a vehicle had to be used to carry Rick to the sideline.  Rick was incapacitated for the remainder of the game and had to be assisted home by friend and teammate, Chris Slayton.  Saturday morning we were relieved to hear Rick was recovering and able to move around on his own.  It is still unknown how soon Rick will be able to bounce back.  But with the HDL “OFF” until August 10th, Rick will have extra time to recover.

The Friday game continued through the 8th inning but the outcome did not change.  Peterbilt won the game 16-1.

Red Team Hitting Stars:  Tim Harris (3 for 3); Nick Harris (3 for 4); Jose Ortiz (2 for 4); Jerry Merchant (3 for 4).  The White Team only managed 5 hit off Nick Harris but the key hit was a “seeing eye” base hit by Larry Rutledge that scored Rick Haygood in the 2nd inning. Larry’s hit added creedance to the saying, “even a blind squirrel finds an acorn.”

Peterbilt Red Team Explodes!

Sunday Game – Xtreme Transport Services 5 – Nationwide 3

With early morning clouds making conditions comfortable, each team started their “Ace” to make this game competitive.  Home Team, Nationwide, started Lefty, Andrew Waddell while Visitors, Xtreme Green, started PW Burnett.  Both pitchers were dominating. Through 5 innings, Andrew had 9 K’s and PW had 9 K’s.  The only hiccup was PW allowing 2 runs in the bottom of the first when McMinn, singled, McPhail doubled and Waddell singled to make the score 2-0 in Nationwide favor.

It looked like this is all the runs that would be scored but both teams changed pitchers in the 6th inning.  Jeff Combs took over for Waddell and Jodie Wolfe relieved PW as he had to leave game early for work.

Jeff Combs came in throwing good and held Xtreme scoreless in the 6th.  But in the 7th inning, the Green team caught fire and before the inning was over, they scored 5 runs.  Some crazy bounces in the outfield saw a ball hit by Jodie Wolfe skipped under Brian Nilsen’s glove in center field to clear the bases.  The Benji Autry’s hard smash to left field took a high hop over Jeff Allen’s head to allow Benji to end up on third base where Kevin High had an RBI Sac-Fly to score Benji and end the big inning.

The Nationwide scored a run in the bottom of 9th but that was all they could muster as Jodie Wolfe got the Win for Greenand run his record to 6-0.

Good Game




Hitting Stars:  GREEN: Jodie Wolfe (3 for 5); Kevin High (1 for 2); Benji (1 for 3); BLUE: Bo McMinn (3 for 4)





                                    – HDL DAN McGUINESS PLAYS STL Longhorns – 7:00 PM at SOWELL FIELD


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