Shoot-out at the Tobey Corral – 16-15

I have used the analogy before about referring an epic HDL game to a Heavyweight Boxing Match so I can’t use that again.  So how about, instead, we refer this game to an old fashion “shoot-out?” 

Xtreme Green team goes up 5-0 in the 1st! – Bam! Red team gets their heads down. Peterbilt calls a huddle after the inning and I hear D.J. Clark remind everyone, “That was our bad inning.  It’s Over.  Now let’s get the bats going and get back into this thing!  Lot’s of ball game left.

So the Peterbilt Red team went to work.  They scratched 2 runs in the bottom of the 1st.

Four consecutive hits by Tim Harris, Nick Harris, Cesar Roman & Patrick Belote got their motor running and made the score 5-2.  All the Red team needed was for their Starting pitcher, Nick Harris, to settle down and throw strikes.  Through 5 innings, Nick Harris recorded 7 K’s but he also had 4 Walks.

Trailing 6-3 going into the bottom of the 3rd inning, the explosive Red Team offense scored 8 runs which was the most runs in one inning by an HDL team this year. Back on June 24th, the Green team had a 7 Run inning against the Red team after trailing the Red Team 10-6 going into the 7th inning.  So you would think the Peterbilt Red team would learn that an 11-6 lead is not safe against the Green team. I think they knew this but what slowed them down was Jodie Wolfe (Green team Starting Pitcher) turning over the pitching duties to PW Burnett in the 3rd inning. 

PW came in a little cold and it took him a while to loosen up.  But once he did get loose, he made pitches that allowed his defense to make outs. One thing that stood out was how hard the Peterbilt team hitters hit PW’s pitches when he challenged them.  There were some Red team hits that were rockets that shot by really good defensive players like Kevin High and Larry Hunsucker.

Meanwhile, the Xtreme Green kept positive and encouraging their teammates to keep swinging. And after the Green team scored 5 runs in the top of the 6th, the Red Team lead had slimmed to 14-13. The Green team rally in the sixth inning was started by back-to-back hits by Kevin High and Benji Autry and a walk to Larry Hunsucker to load the bases. Nick Harris battled the situation by striking out PW Burnett and getting Otis Edwards to pop-up to shortstop. But “Mr Clutch”, Jodie Wolfe, knocked in 2 runs with a base hit. Green team catcher, Jerry Tatum, got his 3rd hit of the day to knock in a run. Aaron reached on an error before the scoring rally ended after Jason Nielson slashed a double knocking in Tatum to make the score 13-9.  The inning ended when Peterbilt brought in their veteran, Dave Sexton, who threw one pitch to get a fly-ball out. But this was the inning the Green Team needed to have a chance at the end and the score now being 14-13.

In the top of the 7th inning, the tension in the park got iccy cold.  The Red team knew their fate was in the hands of Dave Sexton going up against the Green team.  The first 2 batters, Benji (out 5-3) and Larry Hunsucker struck-out, the Peterbilt team was poised to get the win. Dave Sexton faced PW Burnett with bases empty.When PW‘s line shot to left field eluded Mike Tollison’s outstretched glove, the tying run was on 2nd base.  Instead of pitching to the hobbled Otis Edwards, the Red Team intentionally walked Otis to set up the force play and pitch to Jodie WolfeJodie was fouling off several pitches but none bigger than a pop-up behind home plate that would have ended the game was dropped when Red Team catcher, Chris Ollar, failed to properly camp under the ball.  The next pitch, Jodie’s line-drive grounder through the shortstop hole knocked in 2 runs to give the Green a one run lead. The hot-hitting Jerry Tatum put the ball in play to Red Team 3rd baseman.  When the throw to first was low and got by DJ Clark, the score was 16-14.

The Red Team didn’t quit. Nick Harris singled & stole 2nd then Cesar’s double knocked in Nick to make it a one run game. The Red team next hitter, Patrick Belote was battling back pain and could only lay down a bunt to move Cesar to 3rd. Now for a lesson in Baseball rules.  With DJ Clark being declared an intentional walk, the Green team was forced (by rule) to pitch to DJ in order to put him on.  Thinking the Green team wanted to prevent a wild throw, Jodie Wolfe tried to move first baseman, Johnny Birkenstock to behind the catcher.  Home Plate umpire, Paul Ferguson quickly informed the Green Team this is not allowed in the Rules of baseball. All position players, except for the catcher, must be positioned in Fair territory prior to the pitch of a baseball. Of course, this defensive strategy was challenged by the Red Team and that caused some unnecessary arguments.  Players should not argue about any situation that an umpire will correct.  Just request the umpire to intercede and there should be no argument.

Inside the Numbers: 

Best Green HittersJodie Wolfe (4 for 4; 5 RBI;s );  Jerry Tatum (3 for 5; 4 RBI’s); Benji Autry (2 for 4)

Best Red Hitters:  Nick Harris (5 for 5, 4 RBI’s); Cesar Roman (4 for 4); Tim Harris (3 for 5); DJ Clark (3 for 4), Mike Tollison (2 for 4, 2 RBI’s)

Pitching Stats:

Jodie Wolfe- PW Burnett:  stats unavailable since scorebook not marked when change was made,

Nick Harris – 5-2/3 innings, 13 Runs, 12 hits, 8 K’s, 4 BB’s; David Sexton (Loss) – 1-1/3 Inning; 3 runs; 2 hits; 2 K’s, 1 IBB

Game Injury Update:  Green Team Manager/1st Baseman, Larry Hunsucker felt a pain in base of his left hamstring when he scored while courtesy running for PW Burnett in the top of the 7th.  I talked to Larry tonight and he was feeling a little better but planned to make an appointment to have his injury examined to find out exactly where the pain is comming from.  We wish Larry the best and hope it is nothing serious.



 9:00 AM – Nationwide Blue vs Xtreme Green

11:15 AM – Peterbilt Red vs Homer Skelton Ford/Metlife




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