Singles and Bunts – Short topics & Comments

REMINDER:  Voting Ballots will be handed out this Sunday!

At this time of HDL season there are some annual events or administrative actions we have to plan for.  To some of the first year players it is worth mentioning so no one will go, “Huh? What’s that all about?”  So read on and file away for future reference what point you might want more details about.

1. Post-Season EligibilityThe HDL respects our player/member’s earned privileges for their reliability to attend and participate in a majority of the scheduled games. With this level of loyalty in mind,  we review the August Statistic’s to see if any players may need a reminder to check their attendance/game’s played numbers to meet post-season eligibility.  Per amendment to rules last year:

8.  A player with less than three (3) years paid up membership in the HDL must play at least 1/3 of his team’s regular scheduled games and have dues paid in full to be eligible for the Championship Finals.  Player not in compliance may not participate in the championship final games. This rule is designed to prevent adding players who would reduce playing time to regular paid-up members. (Based on 18 games, each player would need 6 game appearances)

New rule addition:

9. Any player with at least (3) three years of paid up membership in the HDL and has paid full year dues prior to July 15th of the current season, is expected to participate in at least 1/3 of his team’s regular scheduled games to be eligible to play in the league championship finals.  Exceptions to the 1/3 minimum played games will be administered by HDL officers for the best interest of HDL competitive impact.  Exceptions that may be waived are:  vacations, injury, job related absences, financial and family emergencies.  Exceptions not eligible are: participation in other adult baseball or softball leagues.

2. Officer re-Elections It is a coencidence that we will elect a US President this year AND nominate and elect new HDL Officers. Outlined in the HDL Rules & By-Laws, Current Officers are elected for a 2 year term. Myself, Tim Harris and Terry Terrell were elected in the Fall of 2012 and took office immediately following the Annual HDL Banquet.  So expect to see the ballots being handed out on Sunday, September 16th.

3.  Player VotingAlso on the ballot, you will be asked for your Gold Glove nominations, Team MVP, League MVP.  Note: you CAN vote for your self.

4.  Championship Game SiteI visited Millington this week and talked to Stadium Director.  I requested use of the stadium on Sunday,

October 14th. Unfortunately, USA stadium is the Home Field for Southwest CC and they have a game there that day so field in unavailable.  I also asked about availability of using it on Sunday, October 7th and was told they will be on Fall Break so Stadium will be closed. I will research other alternatives, including Autozone Park and FedEx Park (UofM).  I will keep you updated.

5, LeMoyne Owen Baseball TeamLast fall and this past spring, LeMoyne Owen have been using Tobey Park fork weekly practice with league games in the spring.  For the past 2 months, I have been assisting LeMoyne and officials in charge of Jesse Turner (Bellvue) Park.  I have been helping them renovate this convenienvt baseball field.  The field is owned by the City of Memphis but currently under contract to Tri-State Youth Baseball Academy.  LeMoyne Owen has a verbal agreement allowing L.O.C. to use the field and make improvements that will bring up the field to minimum college baseball specifications.  I am very interested in the success of this effort. Why? You ask? Because L.O.C. will need to use Tobey only as a back-up if their field is rained out.  LeMoyne Owen has alays been flexible with the HDL.  The timing of their season start-up and our season is not a big deal and manageable as long as good communication is in place.  I believe we are doing the right thing for the HDL and promotion of better baseball in Memphis.

If I missed something critical, I will re-open this Post and update it as soon as possible to add or correct any missed points.

Play Hard and remeber, we play this game for FUN.  And in the HDL, it’s important that both teams have Fun.

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