33 Down and 11 to go!

2012 HDL Baseball Season sliding into the Home Stretch!

This past weekend the HDL played our 32nd and 33rd games of the year. Next weekend is Labor Day Weekend so we will begin competing against High School, College and Pro Football for our sports attention. Yet in the Major Leagues, MLB is also peaking as teams fight for division and wild card entry into the post season – much like the HDL. This year there are two HDL teams (Blue and Green) who have had consistent success and two teams (Red and White) who have had their share of dissapointment from a winning percentage perspective. But those players who have played on the Red and White teams know that their margin of error is getting closer and closer to the Green and Blue teams.

For the Homer Skelton Ford/Metlife White team for instance, their run differential in games played against either the Blue or Green team is 3.1 Runs per game. For the Peterbilt Red team, their run differntial against the Blue or Green team is only 4.1 runs per game. When the White and Red teams play each other, their run differential has been 4.4 but that number is inflated becasue the White team lost 16-1 a few weeks ago. This was an unusual game and if it is discounted, the average runs in games betweeen Red and White is 1.4.

Head-to-head games between the Blue and Green teams have not been as close as you would think. But overall their game score difference has never been greater than 6 runs with their overal average run differential is at 3.8

In the HDL, all four teams qualify for Post-Season play-off’s and that’s where it counts the most.  Regular season games are played competitively and for “Fun”, as they should be.  No need to get overly infatuated with wins and losses because it’s how you play the game that is important. Sometimes it takes a full season for players to get their game tuned up so they can perform their best during the Play-offs. 

I could easily say, “The gloves come off when the Play-offs start.” And by many respects,they do, but still there is no use getting so hyped about the last few games where winning and losing separate the teams who keep playing from the teams who get to go watch football or the World Series.  HDL teams of the past who have had mediocre regular seasons have surprised themselves by exceeding their opponent’s expectations.  So beware, there are some surprises ahead – mark my words.

Individual numbers will also get more and more intense as those players within 40-50 points of a batting leader will try to have perfect days to up their ranking and put pressure on the leaders. So when you hear a player let out a frustrated moan when they are robbed of a line drive or long ball in the outfield alley’s, take the Stat situation into consideration.



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