Post Season starts Sunday!

With post season play-iff games starting on Sunday, does anyone care what happened in the final regular season games last week? I tried to get excited about them but saw no redeeming value.

In the first game, the same two teams who square off tomorrow played a “meaningless” game. The Green team would argue that the outcome did have a meaning because had the Blue Team won, they would have tied the Green team and the match-ups could have required a “Tie-Breaker” decision from the League President (me).

I am not going to say anything about the outcome from a “what IF” perspective.Time To Cast Your Votes

The truth is, the Nationwide Blue team played the game the way a top contender should. Manager, Bo McMinn, made sure players who had expressed unfulfilled fantacies would have a chance to “live their dream.”  But some will probably analyze the results as a baseball nightmare.

For instance, all year long Tim Wallenstrom exressed his frustration to no be able to contribute more for the team.  So What din Manager Bo do?  He batted Tim “Lead-Off”.  So Tim hadtwo good at-bats.  His first AB, he took aggressive swings at pitches by White Team Starter, Travis Hill.  With an 0-2 count, Tim was hit by an inside pitch.  Tim ended up scoring the Blue Team’s first run.

In the 4th Inning with the White-Team ahead, 12-4, Brian Nilsen got his opportunity to take the mound to pitch. Well Brian tried real hard to show how he could become an effective HDL pitcher.  Brian’s efforts were well noticed by base umpire, Big Sam.  Big Sam called 6 “balks” on Brian that, too my knowledge, is an HDL Record that is unlikely to be broken.  If someone can think of a good trophy or award we can come up with at the Banquet, please drop me an email or a post comment.

The final score was 19-5 in favor of the Homer Skelton Ford/Metlife White team.  It was ugly – but fun.  Even the Blue Team had fun – and they lost.

Second Game – Xtreme Green 8Peterbilt Red 3

Another game that had little meaning. The Peterbilt Red team had several stud players unable to participate (Nick Harris, BJ Clark, Patrick Belote)  The Extreme Green Team was also missing, Zack Legg, Mike Kunde and Johnny Birkenstock.  But in this game, Green team Manager, Larry Hunsucker was playing to win.  Cory Pratt got the call to pitch and did a good job.  Cory recorded 4 K’s in 3 innings that he pitched.  P.W. Burnett got in some work as he finished the game.

These 2 teams will play the game a little more seriously on Sunday as they face off in the 2nd game of the opening round of Play-off games.

All games are scheduled to last 7 innings (min.) If time remains on the clock and 8th or 9th inning is obligated, umpires will allow continuation of play,  This isn’t likely but if it occurs, we will play it that way.

Anything can happen during opening round match-ups, so come out and be a part of the action. Only you can make it exciting!

Kevin Latham’s Boy has an idea who will win the 2012 HDL Championship!

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The only comment that I have is that my team and I play every game to win . Obviously , we have struggled as a team and lost five times . Every game that we have played all year we have batted every player that was here for the game and we have picked up players on some occasions and they have also batted even when our players showed up for the game. The league has been so competitive that you had to be up for every game, no team dominated and every team had to work hard for every win. It has been the best competition I have seen in my time with the HDL . It has been a great year with four good teams with an abundance of very good players.
The tournament starts on 9/23/12 and anyone can win in the tournament in the double elimination format.

Larry Hunsucker

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