GOLF Outing was a Hit

For several weeks near the end of the Baseball Season, several HDL members were requesting someone to put together an HDL Golf Tournament.  So if it wasn’t for Bo McMinn, today’s Golf Tournament might not have happened.

Bo reserached several golf courses that could offer the HDL Golfers a quality course that would also be affordable and at the same time might not be too crowded.  Once the list of courses was collected, Bo and I discussed the choices, then Bo left it up to me to lock down a final site and get the word out to the HDL contact list.

To my surprise, the response from those contacted was impressive.  Both current HDL players and former HDL players were invited. We also announced that the event would be open to friends of our HDLers.  Can you believe we had 26 players show up today at Plantation Golf Course?  Incredible!

After yesterday’s hot weather where everyone was walking around in shorts and tee shirts, today was a little cooler and you saw long pants and wind breakers (except for the “Damn Yankee” who sported his shorts and golf shirt – I think he was trying to impress Bill Brigance.)  Anyway, it turned out to be a pleasant day.  Not too windy, nor too cool.

Our biggest boo-boo, was scheduling our first tee-time at 12:30 PM.  With today being the first day of Fall-Back Time Change, we realized dark was going to arrive early today.  All we hoped was for players ahead of each group to play quick and keep the line moving. By the time the last group (Rutledge, Rutledge, Hinkle & Wallenstram) finished, darkness was everywhere.

Not pictured: Kevin High, Cory Morgan, Jason Nilsen, Kevin Nilsen, Mike Morris, Kevin Latham, Glen Coombs, Jeff Allen, Will Dorothy (Photographer)

Today’s Winners:

First Place went to the team of, Mike Tollison, Mark Jackson, and Paul Baioni, who shot 3 under par (69)

Consolation prize went to the team of, Kevin Latham, Glen Coombs, Jeff Allen & Mike Morris. (? over Par) We decided for the consolation prize, a drawing would be held to pick the lucky team.

Closest to Pin:  Hole #5 – Larry Rutledge; Hole #18 – Will “Damn Yankee” Dorothy

Longest Drive: Hole #6 – Mark Jackson; Hole #17 – Bruce Houston

Interest was high and guys were commenting about trying to do it again in the Spring as way to “kick-off” the new season and get friends back together again.  Sounds good to me.



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