Saturday night, any time after 6:00 PM, make your plans to attend this year’s HDL Awards & Hall of Fame Banquet.

So far I have received several emails, Text msgs, and phone calls for members letting me know they are planning to attend.

At last count, the total was over 55 and rising.

Just a few of attendees we are expecting: 

Brady Benjamin, Bo McMinn, Nick Harris, Time Harris, Mike Morris, PW Burnett, James Moroschak, Bruce Monti, Jose Ortiz, Cesar Roman, Andrew Waddell, Brian Nilsen, Larry Hunsucker, Glen Coombs, Tim Wallenstrom, Jeff Allen, Travis Hill, Ryan Hogan, Robert Miller, Mike Dunavant, Gene Brady, Paul Baioni, Mike Tollison, Chris Ollar, John DiGiacomo, Aaron Sinzheimer, DJ Clark, Jason Nilsen, Kevin High, Jerry Tatum, many more.

Guest Speaker:  George Sykes, SWCC Baseball Coach

Hall of Fame Inductees:  James Sloan, Don Miller, Jackie Trenthem


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