If I can do it, so can you!

Last Friday & Saturday the temperature in Memphis shot up to 70 degrees.  When that happens I naturally become more physically active. Late Saturday afternoon I knew the unseasonal temperatures weren’t going to last forever.  At the same time I was feeling physically sluggish and felt the strong desire to get my blood pumping.  So I changed into my jogging suit and drove down to Tiger Lane outside the Liberty Bowl and started walking.  I immediately found out I was in worse shape than I thought I was because just walking fast made breathing painful and my chest was laboring.  But I did not let that stop me.  No Pain – No Gain.  I have always remembered that from my many years of working out.  So I continued to walk and push myself to jog a few short stretches, alternating walking and jogging around the sidewalks that border Tiger Lane. After one lap, I started feeling my chest start to relax and  discovered I could start sprinting some 40-50 yard dashes on my second lap.  Pretty soon I was feeling stronger.

My workout was successful.  I knew then that I needed to continue doing this on a regular basis in order to regain my personal conditioning in-order to get in shape.  Now that the weather is back to winter temperatures I know I am going to have to pick and choose my workout routine when conditions are favorable.  As little as 20-30 minutes a day 3-4 times a week will get me back on-track with a healthy habit of maintaining this level of benefits.

I hope each and everyone of you are aware of your individual exercise needs to be physically fit to maintain your conditioning program.

In 6 more weeks, the weather will start improving and it will be time to start baseball practice. Will you be ready?  I hope so. The benefits will jump start your 2013 season into being what you want it to be.

Keep in touch and keep working out.

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