HDL Officers Meet on February 2nd.

Initial Discussions held  Saturday, February 2, 2013

Larry Rutledge, John DiGiacomo and Bo McMinn met Saturday, February 2nd to review our ideas for the 2013 HDL Men’s Baseball Season.

  1. 2013 Draft – Specific Team Managers will not be designated prior to the draft.  Last year we offered the top 4 pitchers from 2011 (Brady Benjamin, Jodie Wolfe, James Skinner and Nick Harris) to be the “Draft” Captains during the team draft. Allowing these players to select a team composed of players they believe would be the best teammates to have play behind them seemed to work last year. This process may be tweeked a little this year to hopefully make it even better. More details of what we are considering will be shared after the HDL starts organizing.

  2. The issue of Sponsor involvement in the draft will be avoided in this year’s draft.  Once the “Draft Captains” and Sponsors are determined, the final format for the draft will be announced All of the “Draft” captain names will be placed in a blind drawing for the Sponsors to find out which Draft Captain they will want to work with. At that point, the Sponsors and team members will select a player to manage their team for the 2012 season. If any of the top 4 pitchers decline or are unable to participate in the draft, A league officer will draft a suitable substitute to participate in the draft. Draft Day is tentatively March 17th.

  3. The 2013 Preliminary Game Schedule was reviewed. (See hdlmemphisblog/home page for copy of this preliminary schedule) Basically the schedule looks good. More Friday Night games  and less Sunday Double headers have been designated.  All teams will play the same number of games (18 Total for Regular Season plus 2, 3, 4, or 5 Play-off Games)

  4. HDL All Star Game and Home Run Derby has been discussed as a way to raise some funds for a Proposed HDL College Scholarship Award program.  Tentative date is planned for Sunday Morning, July 7th.  Format will be simple. All Star Teams made up of players from 1st & 4th place would play players for teams in 2nd & 3rd place based on league standings on July 1st.  Each team would select 6-7 players from their team to represent them at the All-Star game. This could be a lot of fun. We are open to suggestions for an incentive award to winning team.  A Home Run derby would be set up so all players who enter will have an equal chance to compete and win. Other FUND Raiser events were discussed:  Poker Tournament (Texas Hold ’em); Additional Golf Tournament; Promote Advertising Banner/Signs.  All Fine money collected would be allocated to the Scholarship Fund.

  5. Game Times:  Single games will play 2 hrs and 45 minutes.  If inning started before 2:45, the inning would be finished before game is stopped.  Double Headers will still be 2 hrs and 30 minutes.

  6. HDL Finances:  Dues in 2013 will remain the same as 2012, $135 per player New Sponsor Fees will be set at $350 per new sponsor. A budget of expenses has been estimated based on 2012 operating format.  Our main variable is Umpires and Field maintenance costs.  In order to maintain dues at $135, we must play approximately 20% to 25% of games with only one (1) umpire and use a player volunteer to umpire the bases. Other costs, such as new jersey/shirts and new dirt-sand on the infield, must be managed to keep budget favorable.

  7. Current and New Players?  Every year there are changes in membership.  We expect there will be players who played last year who may not return but we hope this will be off-set with new players who will join the HDL and choose to make playing baseball their summer fun activity.  If you have friends who are interested in playing in the HDL, please let them know they need to come out starting March 3rd (First Practice).

The HDL Officers are asking all players to start recruiting players who you think would enjoy playing in the HDL.  Tell them how they can follow this Blog for latest updates and information.  (Also, Blog is on Facebook at Hernando Desoto)

Tobey Park:  Last Saturday, Bo McMinn, John DiGiacomo, Mike Morris, Drew Russell and I worked about 2-3 hours cleaning up as much of the leaves as we could.  I want to thank Drew, Mike, Bo and John for their hard work.  It really made a difference.  Final preparation clean-up is again scheduled for this Sunday (the 17th) at 9:30 AM, weather permitting.  Please come join the fun and afterward, players can loosen up on the field.

Be sure to sign-up to follow this blog and receive emails when posts or changes are made.

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