It’s a wrap, or is it?

The 2013 HDL draft was completed today with very few hitches.  Yes there were a few disagreements and barbs traded by some of the Draft teams but the participants policed themselves to keep the process flowing.

After the variety of “ground rules’ were explained and clarification questions answered, the first pick was selected by the team of PW Burnett and Kevin Latham.  The top 4 picks were:  Brian Nilsen, Kevin High, Tim Harris, Patrick Belote.  All current HDL members were selected first to ensure all loyal HDL players were picked on a team.  The final round was designated to equally distribute all new players and place a few players who have been away from the HDL recently.

The draft started about 12:30 PM and concluded by 2:45 PM.

Draft analysis:

Each team has a core group of solid players who can individually impact the outcome of a game – when they are all on the field at the same time.  Likewise, each team has their share of players who are the real key to a team’s success because they are the real difference makers.  The top tier players actually cancel each other out while the players with unpredictable talent are the ones who rise beyond their expectations and make the extraordinary plays that can truly influence the outcome of a game.  I know, because I am one of those players.  I live for those times when I surprise myself and my teammates.

The one position that each team needs is a catcher.  The Peterbilt Red team has Chris Ollar and Robert Miller. The Metlife Blue team has Travis Hill and Ryan Hogan, but there is a rumor that Ryan may be relocating back to Oregon and that could impact the Blue team.  The Orange, McGuinness Pub team, has Mike Morris with hopes that Cory Morgan or Clint Sterner (Rookie) will be able to fill in for Morris when needed.  The CDS Green team’s “go-to” catcher is no-doubt, Jerry Tatum, with Brian Nilsen ready and willing to help Jerry rest when he get’s banged up. We hope Jerry stays healthy but for his past 2 years he has absorbed his share of foul tips and ricochet bouncers in the dirt that weaker catchers would have quit or said, “I’ll play right field – Please.”

Which team is strongest up the middle?

This is a tough one.  Depending on who is in center field, I would give the edge to McGuinness Pub when they have Jeff Allen in Center and either Kevin High or Andy Payne (Rookie) at shortstop.  A close 2nd would be the combination that CDS Green team can field with Otis Edwards in Center and either PW Burnett  or Cesar Roman at shortstop. What is your opinion? (Add a comment below)

Early season Disabled List:

If you are not aware, two players, both on the Metlife team, Cory Pratt and Brady Benjamin are either recovering from an injury (B.B.) or about to have reconstructive surgery (C.P.) and will not be able to play for up to 4-6 weeks.

As Lou Piniella said: “Statistics (and Draft Rosters) are like a bikini, they show a lot but not everything.”  PLAY BALL!

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