The HDL finally succeeded in holding our mini-exhibition games for the purpose of exposing our 2013 teams.  Overall I felt fairly good about the potential of this year’s band of players who are mix ‘n matched pretty good.  Even though the Peterbilt Red team was not at full roster representation, they held their own against a formidable Orange squad who had most of their main players in attendance.


Everyone was a little rusty and swung at a few bad pitches. A few players were plunked by some errant pitches and one (Chas Mister) took one in the arm as he was avoiding being picked off of first – Ouch!

I had to leave early today so the tail end of the 2nd game is unknown.  I could look in the score book and decipher some notable highlights but would it mean anything?  After all, today’s scrimmages have no lasting meaning other than:  we showed up, we played and no one was seriously hurt.  It was a good day.

  • Next Scheduled Games:  Sunday, April 14, Blue vs Red (H)at 9:00 AM and Orange vs Green (H) at about 11:25 AM

  • New uniforms HAVE BEEN ordered.  If anyone wanted a particular size or number, TOO LATE, but we may have options to meet your preferences. The number “42” is really popular this year I guess because the movie “42” about the life of Jackie Robinson is to be released soon.  How about we have special “42” patches ordered and add them to everyone’s shirt?  That would be something we could all be a part of.  Send me your comments or tell me if you would be interested in this proposal when we are at the field.

  • For complete roster lists, go to:

  • 2013 Team Managers have been elected:  

    • Blue Team  – Don Hinkle
    • Red Team – Nick Harris
    • Orange Team – Andrew Waddell
    • Green Team – P.W. Burnett
  • Additional players will be visiting the HDL games this weekend in hopes of getting a chance to play in the HDL.  Let’s make them feel welcome!

  • About half of HDL players have paid their dues.  Please bring your dues next week. 

  • I have two new players who are waiting to join the HDL and they have their money in their hands.  After next week, if players have not contacted me or my fellow officers about their dues, we will start accepting new player memberships and some players may not have a guaranteed spot in the HDL this season.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Everyone have a great week and think about how you can get the most out of your 2013 HDL Baseball experience.  What do you need to improve?  Throwing?  Fielding? Hitting? Running?  Whatever it is – “It’s up to you to decide.”

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