Week Two – No Time To Panic

This week’s Blog edition will cover these primary points of interest:

  1. Week 2 game highlights

  2. Team Roster Congestion

  3. Player and Playing time patience

  4. Prognosis for improvement

Game 1 – Surprises:

Probably, no definitely, the best game of the day. The visiting CDS (Green) team scored the first run as Brian Nilsen used his quick compact swing and speed to manufacturer an early run.  The Green team and Blue teams were facing each other for the first time this year since pre-season tune-up games were curtailed due to poor practice game field conditions.  Travis Hill got the start for the Metlife Blue team and Travis was “ON”.  All of his pitches seem to be working as the Green team, in the 1st four innings, went: 4 up – 3 down; 3 up – 3 down; 3 up – 3 down; 4 up – 3 down with only 1 hit through 4 innings.  For the game, Travis only gave up 3 hits – Against a very good CDS Green team.

The Metlife Blue team had to face P.W. Burnett for 3 innings and PW was strong in his short outing, only allowing 2 hits and no runs. But when CDS brought in Kevin Latham in the 5th inning, the game fell apart for CDS.  Early errors by CDS after a lead-off walk to Charles Mister opened the flood gates as the Blue team first 4 batters all reached base and scored.  After a Sac Fly/RBI by DJ Clark, Rookie, Kris Klinger singled, Tim Harris walked, Jocko popped up, Aaron Sinzheimer walked in a run.  The scoring on-slaught was capped by a big 2 out double by David Sexton to make the score 6-1. At this point the Metlife Blue team changed pitchers bringing in Kris Klinger in the 5th inning to be the set-up man for closer, James Skinner.

Game 2 – Wild and Crazy

Comment that I agreed with after the game, “This was not our best effort”, Andrew Waddell.  On Sunday, the Peterbilt Red team was the best team.  After 4 innings the score was 2-2.  You would think this game was an even match-up.  Starting Pitchers, Jodie Wolfe (Orange) and Bo McMinn (Red) were matching their counterpart by making quality pitches, when they were needed to get out of jams.  The Peterbilt Red team had 10 K’s but they balanced that with 14 hits.  The Lomax Orange team matched that with 7 K’s and 10 hits and 3 walks.  The big sticks for the Red team was Chris Ollar who went 2 for 4; Drew Russell (2 for 4); Jose Ortiz (2 for 4); and Nick Harris (2 fr 4).  For the Orangemen, Mark Jackson and Mike Morris were only Orange players with 2 hits apiece. a couple of crazy bounces of the baseball probably get credit for at least 4 runs that the Red team scored, otherwise this may have been a 1 run ball game.


(Come back on Wednesday to read updated comments on this contributing team performance factor. (I apologize for delay but I had a late ball game tonight and need to get up early tomorrow.)

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