The published rules on this Blog site have stated the following Game Time guidelines.   However, during the past two years there have been deviations based on game time complaints or objections to the pace of games. This post will review these guidelines and present recommendations to address how the HDL will handle game times for the 2013 regular season schedule.

  1. Single games will be 9 innings or 3 hour time limit, whichever occurs first.  No new inning may start after 2 hours and 50 minutes into the game. Special time limits may be agreed upon by the managers and umpires based on weather or lighting conditions that may occur.

  2. Double Header games will be 2 hours and 30 min. with no new inning may start after 2 hrs and 20 min. If an inning has started before 2 hrs and 20 min., the inning will be completed.

  3.  Tie games after time has expired will follow International tie-breaker rule with each team starting the inning by placing the last out of the previous inning on second base.  Play proceeds until a winner is determined.

Scheduled Single Games:

The 9 inning or 3 hour time limit will stand.  Because the HDL plays several single games on Friday nights where we have limitations as to how long we may have lights at Tobey during night games, we have been following the guideline that no new inning may start after 2 hours and 50 minutes.  Just like the double header time parameter, if an inning has started just prior to the 2 hr and 50 min time frame, the inning will be completed.  To be consistent, HDL officers recommend this same time limit parameter be followed for single game Day games due to summer heat concerns and length of time verses fees our umpires are being paid. If we play longer than 3 hours, many of our umpires have other games they have to leave to go to. 

Scheduled Double Header Games:

The 2 hr and 30 minute game times for Double Header games has occasionally been a problem that the HDL addressed in last 2 years by injecting the 2 hr and 20 minute time limit, particularly for the 9:00 AM games.  When the 9:00 game is allowed to run over the 2 hr and 20 minute time frame,  we have been concerned about extended games that delay the start of the second (11:30 Start time) game.  Therefore, for the first game of a double header, we must enforce a “drop dead” time limit of 2 hrs and 30 min when the final inning of the first game extends past 2 hrs and 20 minutes.

The second (11:30 AM Start Time) game may be allowed to “Finish-the-Inning” when the last inning of a game was started prior to the 2 hr and 20 minute game time parameter. 

Tie Games, after time limit has expired:

In 2011 we conducted a trial tie game that used the International Tie-Breaker rule used in other baseball & Softball game situations.  It was a disaster and obviously does not apply well in the HDL.  Therefore, this rule/guideline will be removed/changed in the rules to the following:

“Tie Games will be allowed in the standings when the game score is tied after regulation time limit has expired.”

Feel free to leave comments on the Blog so any individual concerns or additional clarifications can be addressed and shared with others.

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