Hitting Better

All HDL members in good standing (Dues & active attendance), are guaranteed playing time when they participate in HDL games.


Team managers will make every effort to balance offense and defense to make their team competitive.  With the HDL’s free substitution rules, multiple extra hitters, and unlimited re-entry, there is no reason a player will not have an opportunity to experience adequate playing time during the span of an entire season.  With rosters of 14-15 players, that seldom means there will always be 14-15 players attend each and every scheduled game. Due to work or business demands, some players may arrive late or have to leave early so having plenty of players is necessary.  As the season rolls along, players personal and family obligations and vacations will take precedence at different times during the season.  The optimum number of players to be dependable each week is probably 11, 12, or 13.


So if any players have anxiety about their utilization or participation, please discuss openly with your manager to improve communication.


On behalf of Bo and Jocko, your HDL officers are doing everything possible to provide games and playing time for everyone.




Larry Rutledge

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