Technical Difficulties

Since last week I have been “out-of-pocket” mentally and technically.  (Internet was just restored today) Each year when Italian Festival hits, I am segregated from staying on top of HDL priorities.  But thanks to leadership of Bo McMinn and Jocko, they carried the burden and told me not to worry about the HDL  They had my back! 

But even they were over matched by the relentless weather that flashed through Memphis area last Friday and Saturday.  Watching Radar patterns consumed most of everyone’s attention last weekend.  Needless to say – It was ugly.  Game conditions never materialized.  No matter how ominous it appeared, Bo and Jocko kept pushing game start times in hopes of a miracle. Finally, we declared an official rain out.

So now our major focus is working out a possible Make-up schedule.  As of today, we only have 3 games to make-up:

Sunday April 28, Game 2:  CDS Green vs Peterbilt Red

Sunday, June 2, 9:00 Game:  Peterbilt Red vs. CDS Green

                      June 2, 11:30 Game:  Metlife Blue vs. Lomax Orange

Games schedule for this weekend will be followed.  Last Sunday’s game between Red and Green will be made-up as part of a double-header this Sunday.  See HOME page for schedule.

We are not out of the “water” with the weather this week.  Once again, weather in the mid-west is threatening our game plans.  I told Bo the other day, this is the first time I can remember that rain has totally prevented us from working the fields to get it ready for game day.  We just hope the rain forecast for this week will be light enough to not prevent games from being played.

This week is supposed to be the start of Round Two of team match-ups.  All teams are playing good baseball  and giving players a fair chance to perform and participate.  The overall season will have many ups and downs so everyone needs to focus on having fun and sharing each others successes and tribulations.  Those players who are struggling will get better and those who are having success will be challenged to maintain that level.



METLIFE BLUE     (3-2)


C.D.S.  GREEN       (1-3)

In case we continue to face weather delays and interruptions, the officers are asking all players to let their team managers know if there we were to use Wednesday night as a Make-up day, how many players would have a conflict?  We hope to avoid that option but right now we need to stay flexible.

Thanks to everyone for their cooperation and enthusiasm.

Larry Rutledge

HDL President

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