Orange vs Green Game winner in a “WALK” Off!

In a game that was played about as good as any game played this year in the HDL, the ending did not serve justice to the excellent competitive approach each team displayed in this game.

Refusing to lose

See-Saw all the way to the end.


After early morning rain storms dumped tons of water on the baseball field, hard work of Bo McMinn and Larry Rutledge made this game possible.  Despite less than idea field conditions between 1st & 2nd base area, players didn’t seem to mind the slippery conditions.  Each team’s infielders made “slick” (pun) baseball plays all night long. Some highlights:

  • 2nd inning, Cesar took the cutoff throw from Kevin Nilsen on a base hit by Andrew Waddell and threw a strike to Jerry Tatum to nail Larry Hunsucker sliding into Home.

  • Jodie Wolfe had 4 come-backers that he turned into routine outs.

  • Kevin Latham’s pick-off move to catch Jodie Wolfe off base at 2nd.  He was out standing up.

  • At least 3 running catches by Brian Nilsen playing 2nd base of balls looped over the infield to keep runners from scoring.

  • Ray Reinhart (Fill-in for Green team) fielded a hot smash by Jodie to force Rutledge at 2nd base.

What stood out in this game was pitching and catching performance by both teams battery mates.  Orange (LOMAX) team starter, Jodie Wolfe, went the entire 10 innings and was dazzling in the successive number of crafty pitches he threw to make quick outs and keep his pitch count down.   The Green team averaged 5 batters per inning off Jodie. While his catcher, Jeff Allen, did an outstanding job of calling pitches and jumping off the plate to block wide pitches.

The CDS Green team started Kevin Latham and Kevin took advantage of the 7:00 PM Sun angle that interferred with batters seeing his curve, change-up& fastball for solid contact.  As usual, his catcher, Jerry Tatum, was solid behind the plate and made several strong and accurate throws when Orange base runners tried to advance.   A couple of Jerry’s throws were so close it was hard to accept that runners were called “safe.”

Otis did a great job.

Otis on the mound.


The surprise of the night was how effective Otis Edwards was when he took over for Latham in the 6th inning to stop a 4-run inning rally by the OrangeOtis continued to stay in the game until he was relieved by Cesar Roman in the 9th.  Otis definitely  deserves to get more time on the mound.  Cesar pitched good but ended up taking the loss when some of his close pitches were off the plate and with bases loaded in bottom of the 10th, Kurt Atkison’s “Ball 4” brought in the winning run for the Orange.

Big Hits:  ORANGE: Cory Morgan (3/5), A. Waddell (3/5), Larry Hunsucker (2/4), Green Team: Otis Edwards (3/6), Kevin Latham (2/4), Bo McMinn (2/3).

(Game photo’s will be added later)

Sunday game with MetLife and Peterbilt should be another equally competitive game.

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