Red & Blue Won this Weekend – “Go Figure!”

The Sunday after July 4th was a risky game because of players having personal plans for a get-a-way weekend or Family events to celebrate the 4th of July.  Even though 2 of 4 teams had “thin” rosters, there was just enough players to make today’s games fun and allow the HDL to top-off the Holiday weekend with some good ‘ole traditional American Baseball.

Those players that did make it out to today’s games were pleasantly surprised to see the new infield dirt that had been added over the last few days.  Just looking at it, before players hit the field, it was amazing.  However, what is below the surface was a slippery substrate that created some tricky footing on the base paths and problems playing the 2nd base position.   While 3rd base had some similar conditions, that side seemed to be more stable than the area between 1st & 2nd.  So bottom-line, all that changed was improved drainage and smoother transition from the dirt to the infield grass. Bo and I truly believe that overall infield conditions will soon take on a more stable base in the areas where the new dirt was causing problems today.  All it needs is additional  tamping and smoothing out to become closer to our desired playing surface.

Footing Conditions affected play:

MetLife 12 – C.D.S. 0

The early game between MetLife Blue and C.D.S. Green favored the MetLife team since they had their usual full roster of players who played a solid game.  MetLife scoring 19 runs did not help the field conditions as MetLife base runners slipped and slid their way around the bases at a busy pace.  If I had known they were going to have so many runners we could have hooked on a couple of the pull-drags on some of the players who beat out “cheap infield hits” and as the base runners circled the bases they could have covered their foot steps to clean up the mess they were making.  (Just kidding).

Ole’ Dave has still “Got It”!

If you were at the park and not aware, David Sexton pitched 7 innings and “SHUT-OUT” the C.D.S. Green and only gave up 3 HITS!.  David improved his HDL season record to (1-1).  Now let me throw-in a few inside curveballs.  The CDS Green was without several important team members as, PW Burnett, Glenn Coombs, Cesar Roman, Otis Edwards, Johnny Birkenstock and Brian Nilsen were unable to participate. So in their place, the Green team picked up, Bo McMinn, Larry Rutledge, Don Hinkle, Ray Reinhart, David Dillard and a new addition to the HDL, Mr. John Robertson.  John played 3rd base and pitched the final inning for the Green team.  Being “over 45” and a player who can pitch, John got an automatic invitation to play for the “HDL Over 45 Wood Bat Tournament Team”.

Game 1 Leaders:

METLIFE:  Pitching: David Sexton, 7 IP, o Runs, 3 Hits, 6 K’s, 2 Walks.  Hitting:  Charles Mister (3/5), James Skinner (3/4), Cory Pratt (3/3, 2 BI), DJ Clark (2/4), John DiGiacomo (2/4)

C.D.S.Jerry Tatum, Kevin Nilsen, Don Hinkle – 1 hit each.


The Game started as soon as a short announcement was made about the Wood Bat Tournament. (More on this topic in a separate Post).

Home team, Lomax Orange, started veteran Larry Rutledge who made his first start in over a year.  After Peterbilt scored seven runs, Rutledge turned over the mound to Andrew Waddell with 2 outs.  Before the 3rd out was made, the Peterbilt team had pushed their lead to 9-0. Slowly as the game played-on, the Lomax Orange team kept pecking away at the Red Team lead.  By the 6th inning the score was 9-6 and it seemed the Orange Boys would make a run at the Red team and re-take the lead.  But Nick Harris stayed steady and kept working his team out of jams.

Who Shined?

Lomax Orange:  Pitching:  Andrew Waddell – 6-1/3 innings, 1 ER, 7 H, 8 K’s, 1 Walk.  Hitting: A. Waddell (3/4), Tony Lomax (2/3), Kevin High (3/3), Kevin Nilsen (2/3).

Peterbilt Red:  Pitching: Nick Harris, 7 IP, 8 R, 12 H, 9 K’s, 6 walks/HBP.  Hitting: N. Harris (3/4), Bo McMinn (2/2), Chris Ollar (2/4).

Next Week Games: 

                         Friday – 7:30 PM  – Lomax Orange vs MetLife Blue

                        Sunday – 9:00 AM – C.D.S. Green  vs Peterbilt Red


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