1. ALL TEAMS MUST SUBMIT THEIR $200 DEPOSIT THIS WEEK.  (NOTE: HDL has sent in $200 for 1 Teams for Over 45 Division)

  2. The Player Participation Contracts and Team Roster will need to be turned in along with any REMAINING TEAM FEES at the Manager’s meeting held prior to the start of the tournament.  As of now the plan is to have the managers meeting at Gagliano Field under the grandstand AT 5:00 pm prior to the start of Friday’s first games (JULY 26)

  3. Game balls, tournament t-shirts and score books will be provided to each of the team managers at that time.

  4. Each team will receive 6 game balls (2 for each game).  It is the team that is batting responsibility to track down any balls they hit out of play during the game.

  5. Games will be held at First Tennessee Fields and the complex of Sowell and Gagliano Field. (Halle Park)

  6. On Friday there will be games held at 7:00 PM.  Each team will play one game on Friday evening at one of these two times.

  7. On Saturday each team will have two games scheduled.  The start times for Saturday’s games will be 9:00 AM, Noon, 3:30 PM and 6:30 PM.

  8. On Sunday the 45+ division will have semi final games (the top 4 teams from the round robin) at 9:00 AM.  The 45+ championship game will be at 12:30 PM.

  9. All games played Friday will be 9 innings or a 2 hour and 45 Min. time limit.

  10. All games played Saturday will be 9 innings or a 2 hour 45 minute time limit.

  11. Sunday’s semi final games will be 9 innings or a 2 hour 45 minute time limit.  

    Sunday’s championship games will be 9 innings no time limit.

  12. All the above times and time limits are based on us not having any rainouts.  If we do have rain during the tournament we’ll make every effort possible to get all the games in.

  13. Each player will get a tournament t-shirt.  ATTN all HDL players, I (LR) will turn in a t-shirt list to Glenn Mayfield based on shirt sizes we have provided players this year.  If you want to make sure we have your preferred size, please contact me via email, text or phone call to put in your special order.  (Larry Rutledge)

  14. MSBL website:  http://www.scorebook.com/rivercityclassic

  15. HDL “Legends” Game Schedule:   HDL Legends Schedule

  16. River City Tournament Rules:    2013_River_City_Classic_Tournament_Rules _2_

  17. Player Participation Form:          RiverCityPlayerParticipationContract

  18. Team Roster Form:                         TournamentRoster2013 _2_               (Team Managers will fill this out and submit when remaining player fees are paid.)

  19. NOTE:  HDL Tournament Teams will hold a work-out session on Tuesday, July 23rd at 7:00 PM at Tobey Field.

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