Wood Bat Games come to End or maybe Not!

This was a typical summer weekend in  Memphis.  It was warm, it rained last Thursday and threatened to rain all weekend but it never messed with the HDL for once.  Last Friday field conditions surprised a lot of players after Thursday’s downpour caused local flooding in various areas of Shelby County.  Drainage seemed to improve after the back of the infield dirt was expanded last week when over-growth grass areas were removed.  By Friday evening, field conditions allowed the HDL Game between Peterbilt and CDS to play.  With weekend forecasts calling for additional rain, it was feared that any postponement might be jeopardized if a double header had been added for Sunday.  But much to our satisfaction, the scheduled games went as planned.

As an observer and player at Sunday’s game, I made lots of mental notes of plays and performances that should be highlighted.  However, my typing dexterity was abruptly impacted in the top of the 8th inning when a pop-fly hit by John DiGiacomo landed on my throwing hand and has me in moderate pain as I type this Blog.

Going to have X-Ray tomorrow.

Going to have X-Ray tomorrow.

I will try to gut it out the best I can.  I am trying to remain optimistic that I can still play in the Wood Bat tournament.

FRIDAY Highlights:

The only true highlight of this game was the steady pitching by Kevin Latham.  Despite inconsistent defensive support from his teammates, Kevin kept giving his defense plenty of make-up opportunities.  Six errors by Green defense led to some long innings and a shortened game because the Peterbilt team was not much better for their pitchers as they also committed 5 errors.  Peterbilt gave up 9 Walks to go along with 4 Hit Batters. All of the Hit Batters were recorded by Starting Pitcher, Adam Wasson.  Adam was thrust into 3 innings of work on the Mound since Bo McMinn and Nick Harris were both out of town for the weekend HDL series.

One of the best CDS hits of the night was Glen Coombs double in the 4th inning as he sent a Mike Tollison curve ball over Adam Wasson’s head in Center-field. 

While Kevin Latham went the distance for CDS (8 H, 6 K’s, 2 BB’s), Peterbilt used Wasson, Tollison and Baioni.  Both teams were fairly even in hits as Peterbilt had 8 and CDS had 9.

Johnny Houghton, Otis Edwards and Brian Nilsen were only players with 2 hits.

Sunday –  9 Innings – 32 Hits

Blue-Orange 7-21-13

With 32 total hits, you might think pitching was weak.  But look at linescore as James Skinner may have given up a few hits, those LOMAX runners who reached base, never crossed the plate until the 7th inning.  That was impressive.  But give credit to outstanding defensive performances by the MetLife position players as they had “0” Errors!

Jodie Wolfe started on the mound for Lomax and when he retired the first 2 MetLife batters, the game looked like it might be a close contest during the early innings.  But Jodie made the mistake of walking Ryan Hogan which could have been the 3rd out.  Instead, Ryan walking opened up the scoring when the next 3 MetLife batters stroked the baseball and suddenly the complexion of the game changed.  The big hit was DJ Clark’s double into the right center gap to clean the bases. 

In the top of the second inning, the bottom of the MetLife order were the instigators of another 3-run inning for the Blue

One of Jocko's 2 hits

Dave Sexton smash up the middle.

Dave Sexton smash up the middle.

One of Jocko’s 2 hits

Jocko singled, Sexton singled and with 2 outs, Travis Hill sent an outside pitch over the head of Lomax Orange right-fielder, John Robertson and with Travis’s speed, he was across the plate before the ball got back into the infield.

Pitching Summary:

James Skinner – 7 IP, 3 Runs, 12 Hits, 4 K’s, 1 BB.  Jodie Wolfe – 1-2/3 IP, 6 Runs, 6 Hits, 1 K, 2 BB.

Hitting Highlights:

MetlifeTravis Hill (3/5 w/ HR), Tim Harris (3/5, 2 RBI), James Skinner (2/5), DJ Clark (2/5), A. Sinzheimer (2/4), John DiGiacomo (2/4)

LOMAX:  Larry Hunsucker (3/3); Cory Morgan (3/4); Dave Dillard (3/4); Mike Morris (2/4, 3 -RBI); A. Waddell (2/4)

NEXT Week:  No games scheduled, however, there were players who asked if a game could be set up since the Over 35 Wood Bat teams’ tournament plans were cancelled by MSBL.  The officers will evaluate the options and make an announcement by Tuesday.  Look for something posted on the Blog or an email with details & information.  Until then, please consider dropping by Gagliano Field on Friday night and Saturday at First Tennessee (Game Day) field to watch and pull for your HDL Legends as they test their stamina and baseball experience against the best the MSBL has to offer. 

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