Fred Cazares moving back to Texas

Fred's last game

Fred’s last game

The Metlife Blue team and the HDL lost one of their members on Friday as first year player, Jose (Fred) Cazares, informed Larry Rutledge he has accepted an attractive job offer in his home state of Texas and he will be leaving this week to start his new job.  Fred had mixed feelings about the move because he was always looking forward to his weekly participation in the HDL.  But his family ties in Texas were too strong.

During the Metlife Blue team ‘s pregame meeting, the team dedicated the game to Fred and expressed their appreciation for getting to know him over the past 3-1/2 months.

Not Fred’s fault

As hard as the Metlife team tried to get a victory over the first place Peterbilt Red, they could never avoid the self-inflicted defensive errors and missed opportunities to shut down the potent Red machine.  Each team had 8 hits.  Kris Klinger had 6 K’s and Nick Harris had 4.  But Kris Klinger’s wildness may have been the difference as he walked or hit 6 Red batters,  Then to make the game tougher, the Red team base runners were able to advance several times when pick-off attempts couldn’t be handled cleanly.  So the Peterbilt Red team took advantage of these mis-cues to build their lead.  Final score:

7 Innings in 2hr 50 min.

7 Innings in 2hr 50 min.


Jose Ortiz batted lead-off for Peterbilt and was on-base 3 of 4 times.  Jose’s last hit was a laser triple that caused Kris Klinger to signal “No Mas.”  Johnny Houghton also enjoyed a rare 2 hit night and 3 runs scored.  But the best hitter of the day was Blue team member, Charles Mister as he was 3 for 3 with 2 doubles.

Side Conversation:

Since this was first game where metal bats were allowed, there were comparison’s throughout the game about the difference metal bats made.  From my impression, there were a few hard hit ground balls that “ate-up” some infielders that may have been softer had they been hit with Wood.  The longest hit of the night was Kris Klinger’s gapper in the 4th inning that Paul Baioni probably should have caught.  I will reserve further comment on this subject until after the Green & Orange teams play with Metal tomorrow.

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