Back to the Future

Sunday’s game between Lomax Orange and CDS Green was pretty much “all business.”  I know all of each team’s players have the right attitude about having “FUN” when they play an HDL  game, but at times the atmosphere was quiet and to me, that mean’s players were concentrating on the seriousness of the game.  The mix of players on the Green and Orange are unique.  Players on each team know each other and how each approaches any competitive sport.  If one player on one team brings their “A” game, their counterpart on the opposing team accepts the challenge and tries to match their opponent’s intensity. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with any player exhibiting their drive and determination to show they still have a spark of fire to play this game at their highest level.  At my young age of 66 going on 67, I cling to self believe that if I keep trying, I will achieve a level of success that will have an impact on the outcome of the game.  Personally, today I made no errors.  I got on base twice (BB) and struck out (with dignity) only one time.  When I compare my performance with other players, I was just as much a contributor as anyone else who  played.  I am making this point because in a game that ends by a score of 6-3, there are only small differences between winning and losing. The Lomax Orange Team scored 3 less runs than CDS Green.  The difference today was in the quality of the hits that Green team had over the Orange team.  I say this because each team’s pitchers had 11 Strikeouts.  And each team’s pitchers had 4 Walks.  Lomax Orange had 13 hits and CDS Green had 11.  But two of CDS hits were Doubles and one of the doubles had 2 runners in scoring position when it was hit (by David Montgomery).

Looking at the score book, I see scoring opportunities by Lomax Orange where PW Burnett did his best work.  In the 2nd inning with bases loaded, PW shut down the Orange team and minimized their potential big inning to only one run.  Then in the 4th inning, with one out and one run having scored but still with two runners on base, PW strikeouts of Mike Morris and John Robertson endded any possible threat.

To match this feat, Andrew Waddell did nearly the same thing in the bottom of the 4th.  With 2 runners on base (Birkenstock(E-6) & PW Burnett (1B)), Andrew K’d Jerry Tatum and was helped with an outstanding catch in right field by Kurt Adkison to get Dave Montgomery.  With bases loaded on an infield hit by “Wheels” Nilsen, Waddell snagged a bouncer from new player, Joe Copen, to end the threat and keep the score at 4-2.

The rest of the game was more of the same.  Good pitching, sufficient defense and no errors.   When PW Burnett came out at end of 6th inning, the Orange team likely thought they had a good chance to score some more runs.  But Kevin Latham came in throwing just as good as PW as he had 5 K’s, 1 BB, and scattered 4 hits but most of all, gave up “zero runs to earn a “SAVE”.

Big Hits:

Orange:  Dave Dillard (2/4); A. Waddell (2/4); Cory Morgan (3/4)

Green:  Kevin Latham (2/3); PW Burnett (2/3); Brian Nilsen (2/2); David Montgomery (1/3 – 2RBI’s).

Next week:

                      Friday – 7:15 PM  Lomax Orange vs MetLife Blue

                      Sunday – 9:00 AM  CDS Green vs Peterbilt Red



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