Lights Out Pitching

Friday Game Side Note:

I have had a difficult time getting my head together to be able to write about the HDL game on Friday between Metlife Blue and Lomax orange. My personal problem was this game was humiliating to my competitive ego.  I struck out three times.  I have probably done this before but when it happens, it’s not fun to take. I hate striking out when I’m the batter, but I admit, I love K’s when I am pitching.

But after 3 days of brooding over this awful performance, I decided to research where I rank with other HDL batters who may have found themselves the victim of this hideous statistic.  What I found is the number of players who qualified for this exclusive club is quite a few.  In fact, I am one of 14 HDL players who have suffered this affliction.  Surprisingly, four players have performed this honor at least twice with one player doing the dirty deed 3 times.  So I guess my outlook on this unfortunate event just got a little brighter.  When I noticed that Andrew Waddell has performed the 3K procedure on 7 of the 14 batters who have K’d 3 times, I am reminded, I am lucky to be on Andrew’s team, otherwise, I too would have K’d more than just one time.

On all of my trips to the plate, I never really felt confident.  Bo told me, “You need to improve your approach (to hitting).” My number one problem was the plate umpire is known for having a wide zone. Batting at the bottom of the (batting) order, I was already hearing other teammates commenting about where pitches were being called strikes.

“Up and In” or “Low and Away”, most hitters don’t have very much success facing a pitcher who can convince any umpire those pitches are strikes. And when you are a player, who is 66 soon to be 67, timing round shaped missiles coming at the plate area at 60-80 mph is the ultimate challenge.  But this is what baseball is all about.

The Pitcher – The Batter – a Pitched ball, and the Bat. 

Who will win?

Who will produce the results they desire?

For the pitcher who is helped by a strike zone that is unfairly expanded to locations that are outside a hitters physical limits, the pitcher is the Dominator.  Friday night, Mr Travis Hill was, The Dominator”. In the HDL these days, on any given Sunday (or Friday), the opposing team’s starting pitcher strives to dominate your bat and render it worthless.  


Friday Recap – August 9, 2013

LOMAX Orange was visitor and came out strong when Cory Morgan stroked a solid single and scored on Andrew Waddell’s single.  Orange team seemed to be ready for a good game.  But in bottom of 1st, Travis Hill walked, Ryan Hogan singled and James Skinner hit a double to make the score 2-1.

Little did the Orange team realize they would not score another run until the 7th inning.  Meanwhile, the Blue Bombers were steadily building their lead as they scored 4 runs in the 3rd, 2 in the 5th, 3 in the 7th and added 4 in the bottom of the 8th as they had a total of 16 hits in the game.

A lot of players had fun teasing DJ Clark that he needed a double to hit for the “Cycle” after blasting a Home Run in the 5th and leggin out a triple in the 7th inning.  But DJ missed a good pitch in the bottom of the 8th as his fly ball landed in the Orange team 2nd baseman’s glove.  Maybe “next time” DJ!           DSCN2635

METLIFE Blue Hit Leaders:  James Skinner (4 for 5); DJ Clark (3 for 5 w/ 2 run Home Run); Ryan Hogan (2/3); Cory Pratt (2/4); Kris Klinger (2/5)

LOMAX Leaders:  Andrew Waddell (3 for 4); Cory Morgan (2 for 4); Mike Morris (2 for3)

METLIFE Pitching:  Travis Hill – 4 Runs/3 ER, 8 H, 11 K’s, 1 Hit Batter



Early morning rain showers threatened the game but as of 8:00 AM, the field was judged to be adequate for a game to be played, even though dirt areas were slick and sticky.  As much Quick Dry material as possible was added to critical areas and all the players were chomping at the bit to play the scheduled game.  With a start time of 9:30 AM, the game turned into a pitching duel between Bo McMinn and PW Burnett.  Both pitchers were stingy.  Through 5 innings, no runs had scored.  Both Bo and PW had only gave up 3 hits in first 5 innings.

But in the top of the 6th, Kevin Nilsen Singled, Otis Edwards doubled with one out.  At this point, a few light sprinkles were starting to fall but nothing serious. When Bo McMinn walked Kevin Latham to load the bases, it brought PW Burnett to the plate.  PW appeared to be dialed into the situation as he fouled off any pitch that looked like a strike and stayed away from obvious balls outside the zone.  When PW drew a walk to force in Kevin Nilsen from 3rd base, the sky collapsed.  The rain started falling harder and harder and didn’t stop until the field was floating under an inch of water. 


Since Peterbilt Red failed to bat in bottom of the 6th, this game will need to be completed at a later date.



Friday:  7:15 PM Start – LOMAX Orange vs Peterbilt Red

Sunday:  9:00 AM  – CDS Green vs MetLife Blue

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