Post Season Guide


At this time of HDL season there are some annual events or administrative actions that need review.  To some of the first year players it is worth mentioning so no one will go, “What’s that all about?”  So read on and file away for future reference if you might want more details about.


1. Post-Season EligibilityThe HDL respects our player/member’s earned privileges for their reliability to attend and participate in a majority of the scheduled games. With this level of loyalty in mind,  we review the August Statistic’s to see if any players may need a reminder to check their attendance/game’s played numbers to meet post-season eligibility.  Per amendment to rules last year:


8.  A player with less than three (3) years paid up membership in the HDL must play at least 1/3 of his team’s regular scheduled games and have dues paid in full to be eligible for the Championship Finals.  Player not in compliance may not participate in the championship final games. This rule is designed to prevent adding players who would reduce playing time to regular paid-up members. (Based on 18 games, each player would need 6 game appearances)


New rule addition:


9. Any player with at least (3) three years of paid up membership in the HDL and has paid full year dues prior to July 15th of the current season, is expected to participate in at least 1/3 of his team’s regular scheduled games to be eligible to play in the league championship finals.  Exceptions to the 1/3 minimum played games will be administered by HDL officers for the best interest of HDL competitive impact.  Exceptions that may be waived are:  vacations, injury, job related absences, financial and family emergencies.  Exceptions not eligible are: participation in other adult baseball or softball leagues.

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