Eight Goose Eggs

Eight Goose Eggs

PW Burnett stole the show today as he limited the Metlife Blue team to only 4 hits.  His teammates were solid – at the plate and in the field.  The CDS Green offense was led by Otis Edwards who was a Home Run away from hitting for the cycle.  Kevin Latham was clutch at Shortstop and contributed an RBI Triple in the 3rd inning.

Other than a bad 3rd inning, James Skinner pitched darn well.  During 7 innings of work, James had 7 K’s but scattered 9 hits and only 2 Walks. 

But as I said, PW, was the “Player-of-the-game” as he had 12 K’s, walked 5 and only allowed 4 hits to a Blue team that has been tearing it up at the plate.

Charlie Hustle Shout-out goes to Jerry Tatum who charged up the line to cover a pop-up by Mr. Charlie Hustle himself, Ray Reinhart.  As the ball was about to land between Jerry and PW, Jerry dove forward to catch the ball as he laid out horizontal to make the catch.  Much the way another hustling catcher, by name of James Moroschak has done in the past.  I am sure “Schak” enjoyed watching this play during his first game playing for the Blue team,  Schak was “Called-Up” from “Triple AAA Bartlett” to help the Blue team fill some roster holes created recently by the loss of Fred Cazares and injury to Tim Harris.  Welcome Back Schak!


Friday, 8-18-13

Friday, 8-18-13

The Lomax Insulation Orange and Peterbilt Red teams squared off on Friday night under ideal conditions. Cool and comfortable.  It seems lately that every time I comment that “this weather couldn’t get any better,” it proves me wrong and is even better the next time we play, like it was Sunday (8/18).  Now that I have said this, watch for the weather to change and get warm again.  Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Lomax batted first and quickly took advantage of some unusual wildness by Nick Harris, Red Pitcher, to post 3 runs in the top of the first.  In the bottom of the 1st, Lomax pitcher, Dave Dillard had control problems of his own and with 2 runners on from walks and a bad throw to second, two back-to-back sacrifice flies to the outfield by Bo McMinn and Pat Belote scored 2 runs. Three batters later, the inning ended when Paul Baioni was picked off at second. 

The Orange team added 2 more runs in the 2nd Inning when Dave Dillard and Kurt Adkison scored on Andrew Waddell’s RBI single. Going into the top of bottom of the 4th inning, the Orange team was holding on to a slim 5-4 lead and hoping Dave Dillard would find a groove and minimize any more damage.  But in the bottom of the 4th, the Peterbilt team pushed across 5 runs to make the score 9-5.  After loading the bases, Orange team Manager, Andrew Waddell called upon Jodie Wolfe to take over on the mound.  The first batter Jodie faced was Drew Russell who liked the first pitch he saw and sent it on a line to centerfield scoring 2 more runs. Mike Tollison finished the scoring for the Red team when he hit a double down the left field line.

Not to be out-done, the Orange team rallied to score 5 runs in top of the 5th.  Andrew Waddell lead off with a double but was caught in a pickle on Larry Hunsucker’s ground ball back to Nick Harris. At this point it looked like the Orange teams scoring hopes were slim. But an error on Red team 3rd baseman, brought Kevin High to the plate.  Kevin’s ground ball through the infield score 2 runs.  After Jeff Allen reached base, Catcher Mike Morris hit a nice Sac-fly to score Kevin.  The rally continued when Dillard singled and was knocked in by Kurt Adkison’s 2nd base hit of the night.

In the bottom of the fifth Jodie Wolfe was pitching good but a dropped ball in the outfield gave the red team an opportunity to knock in two more runs. Paul Baioni had the big hit when he tripled to score Bo and Patrick Belote.

In the 6th, 7th & 8th innings, Orange team only managed one more run while ed Team tacked on 2 more runs to make the final score 13-11.

Hit Leaders:

Orange Team Hits:  Andrew Waddell (2 for 2); Kurt Adkison (2 for 2).

Red Team Hits:  Johnny Houghton (3 for 5); Patrick Belote and Paul Baioni (2 for 3).


Lomax OrangeDavid Dillard = 9 runs on 5 hits but 1 K and 11 Walks.  Jodie Wolfe:  4 runs on 7 hits but 2 K’s and 4 Walks.

Peterbilt:  Nick Harris – 11 runs on 8 hits with 5 K’s and 6 Walks.

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I checked HDL Game Linescores as far back as 1983 and counted 6 other games that were a SHUTOUT. Winning Pitchers: July 1992 – Sonny Sheeks; Aug. 1998 – Mike Schmidt; Sept 1998 – Jerry Weaver; Aug. 1999 – Pedro Arrechea; May, 2001 – Jerry Weaver; May, 2004 – Paul Rickman

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