PLAYOFF PICTURE – Added Notes 8/25/2013


We only have 2 weekends left before we start the Play-off’s.  As of this last weekend:

HDL Team Records: (thru Aug. 25th)

Peterbilt Red (11-4)

MetLife Blue  (8-8)

C.D.S. Green (6-9)

Lomax Insulation Orange (6-10)

All teams have 2 games to be played in next 2 weeks, PLUS, Green and Red have a suspended game that will be completed after Blue & Orange play next Sunday.  This game will have 4 innings left to be played with Green holding a 1 run lead and still batting in the 6th inning with bases loaded and 1 Out.






·       IF Peterbilt Red Wins all 3 remaining games, Blue wins 2 games, Green goes 0-3 with Orange losing last 2 games, here would be final standings:  Peterbilt (14-4), Metlife (10-8), CDS (6-12), Lomax (6-12)


·       IF Peterbilt loses last 3 games, Blue Wins 2 games, CDS Green Wins last 3 games, here would be final standings:  Peterbilt Red (11-7), Metlife Blue (10-8), CDS Green (9-9), Lomax Orange (6-12)


·       If Lomax Orange Wins their final 2 games, Blue goes 0-2 and Red (1-2) and Green (2-1), this would be the standings:  Peterbilt Red (12-6), Metlife Blue (8-10), CDS Green (8-10) and Lomax Orange ALL Tie at (8-10.

     So, what would be the “tie-breaker” if this last scenario was to happen???  Head-to-Head, Blue beat Green 4 games to 2.  Blue beat Orange 3 games to 1 with 2 games remaining.  Orange and Green tied (3 and 3).  So based on this criteria. Blue would hold on to 2nd place, and Green would get edge over Orange based on Runs against differential since Green holds a 54-43 edge in this Stat category.


IF the playoffs start tomorrow, Peterbilt Red would play Lomax Orange and MetLife Blue would face CDS Green

Factoring in the results from this weekend with scenarios listed above, the Wildest possibility will happen “IF” LOMAX Orange wins their final 3 games. it COULD HAPPEN!!!


Please leave your comments on this Blog page if you can forecast a different result.

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Home team during the start of the Play-offs will be team with higher seed. Once a higher seed loses in Play-off, the Home team will be decided by coin toss.

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