Opening HDL Play-off Round on Sunday is set.


CDS Green beat Peterbilt Red 14-6 and Lomax Orange beat MetLife Blue 8-4.

So with Blue, Orange and Green all ending the regular season with a record of 8 and 10, which team is 2nd, 3rd and 4th? 


(Correction from earlier postings) Lomax Orange and MetLife Blue, and, Lomax Orange and CDS Green teams tied 3 wins and 3 losses against each other.

However, CDS Green was only (2-4) verses MetLife Blue.

Therefore, team records against each other:  Blue (7-5), Orange (6-6) and Green (5-7). 

Based on these records:  Blue finishes 2nd, Orange finishes 3rd and Green finishes 4th. 


Double Elimination Play-off Match-ups will be: (Sunday, September 15)

                  9:00 AM Peterbilt Red vs CDS Green;

                12:00 PM – MetLife Blue vs Lomax Orange


For the Play-off’s, all games will be 9 innings OR 3 hours.  No “new” inning can start if less than 5 minutes on the clock, unless game is tied.


For the past two weeks the schedule worked out to where the same two teams, who are matched against each other next Sunday, played games against each other.  But the teams must have suspected this would be the line-up so each team strategized how they would compete the past two weeks.  Because of individual game tactics the past two weeks, it will be interesting to see how each team’s strategy pays off. 


Going into the Play-offs, all HDL teams are fully confident they have a chance to advance.


So it’s time to “Get This Party Started!”


Post-Season Player Award Ballots will be distributed this Sunday.  Please do your research now so you know who you want to vote for.  If can’t think of anyone, vote for yourself. (It’s legal)

The date of the HDL Banquet is Saturday, November 2nd.



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