New Players Like the HDL

The 2014 Season is already different.  Change is something the HDL has always been cautious to consider.  The history of the HDL is sacred so as one of the longest tenured members of the HDL, I have always felt a responsibility to our predecessors to protect this league’s traditions.  We have remained small for a reason, to maintain the tradition of playing baseball on Sunday mornings.  For the past four years we have introduced Friday night games into the regular schedule to avoid double header games on Sunday’s with a Four-Team format.

As we have adopted this subtle change, it contributed to our popularity.  For past two years during preseason start-up, we perceived a problem with having “too many” players for just 4 teams.  This caused a lot of debate about expanding to 5 teams.  Finally last year, Cesar Roman asked if the HDL would consider allowing a core team from the Latino league to be added to the HDL.  Your HDL Officers, Rutledge, McMinn & DiGiacomo, mulled over this idea for a long time before extending an invitation and taking the next step.

Best Seat in the House

Best Seat in the House

As soon as we announced our 2014 start-up schedule we notified Cesar to notify his friends to show up for the preseason workouts to show us if they were serious,  Well today was the “day.”  

Ramon Fielding, Oscar backing up.

Ramon Fielding, Oscar backing up.

No doubt, they were impressive for the following reasons: ONE:  It was miserable conditions for baseball, cold, windy, drizzly.  TWO, Whatever we attempted to do, fly’s, grounders, batting cage work, they applied their best efforts with enthusiasm. And THREE:  When players had an opportunity to meet other veteran HDL members, they were friendly and fun to talk with.

Based on the Latino League players who I was able to get their contact information from, allow me to introduce them:  All players, will meet age requirements for HDL play.

Ramon Moreta:  Ramon made his 2nd appearance since he was at the voluntary practice on February 23rd.  Ramon has helped get the word out to the other Latino league players who he feels will form a dependable group of players.

Carlos Varela:  Carlos was introduced as one of the key players who will be helping Ramon assemble the team.

Steve Eordogh:  Steve was very good during infield work and can handle ground balls.  Steve was vocal about his appreciation for how the HDL is formatted.

Johnny Gonzalez:  Johnny was quite today because (my perception) he was not enjoying the cold weather but that didn’t stop him from doing everything everyone else was doing.

Oscar Zamudio:  Oscar is your typical HDL player.  He can do it all, infield-outfield, a team player.

There were two other players who left before I could get their information.

Johnny Gonzalez to Larry H.

Johnny Gonzalez to Larry H.


Friend of Travis Hill:

Wes Hill (no relation to Travis) came out to introduce himself and get information about playing baseball again.  Wes ran into Travis during the off-season and Travis told him about the HDL.  Wes has been playing his share of softball and felt it was time to give adult baseball in the HDL a try.  He plans to come back out next week so he will be added to the 2014 Draft List.

Other HDL Vets who came out:

It was good to see:  Johnny Houghton, Ray Reinhart, Larry Hunsucker, D.J. Clark, Drew Russell, Mike Morris, Jerry Tatum, Andrew Waddell, Kevin Nilsen and Kurt Adkison.  Rounding out the HDL veterans was Larry Rutledge, Bo McMinn and Jocko.

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That is great to see these Latin Player….. from one to another….

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