Will the HDL Play Ball this season?

Never, as long as I have been a member of HDL, has a spring preseason been this cruel.  The HDL is made up of some of the most avid baseball enthusiast as there are in this city. And they are not happy being deprived of playing baseball.

Our past, present and future baseball com-padres have endured enough of this cold, wet and nasty weather.  The weather we have had to face at least 80% of the Sunday practice dates since March 2nd has slowed us down but will not stop us from playing lots of baseball games between now and end of October. 

Last season, and, as I recall for the two seasons prior (20011 & 2012), the HDL season was relatively “rain-out” free.  The reason that record was possible was because we always got a small “break” in the storms that blew through the area.  Those small breaks always allowed us the ability to help the field conditions recover sufficiently for a game to continue.

For example, this past week, it rained hard on Thursday afternoon and evening.  The rain came down on a very dry and hard infield dirt.  So Friday morning when Tobey was checked, a little bit of broom work and raking put us in a position to have the field ready for Sunday.  Knowing the dirt was wet and how badly we wanted to have HDL games on Sunday, as well as the Charity Baseball games benefit to raise funds for A.L.S., I went to the local supply company and picked up over $150 of Turface MVP & Quik Dry.  We already had a good supply of these materials but I felt if we wanted the best possible conditions, we would be generous with the materials when we needed to apply the solution.

Unfortunately, another heavy rain and thunder storm hit the heart of Memphis on Friday night and did not stop until 2:00 AM Saturday, less than 31 hours before Sunday first game start time.  To compound the potential, Saturday morning was very overcast and air humidity was above 50%. It was not until about 2:30 PM on Saturday before the sun started to peak through.  The much needed drying conditions were not available. naturally, to encourage us from trying anything.

Late Saturday evening Bo McMinn urged me to consider covering the field with MVP & Quik Dry.  But after seeing the extent of standing water left from Friday night storms convinced me we would be wasting our resources.  Even Sunday morning when I held out hope of overnight improvement, I quickly said to myself, I made the right decision by cancelling the games.  I visited Tobey between 1:30 PM & 2:30 PM today (Sunday) and the dirt was just as mushy and soggy as it was on Saturday evening. I am almost certain the local High School games scheduled for Tobey on Tuesday will still have to play on very soft conditions.


Forecast:  “Cloudy with a Slight chance of Baseball”

Wed Apr 2Isolated T-Storms75°- 64° Isolated T-Storms  Chance of rain:  30%

Thu Apr 3Scattered T-Storms78° – 63°   Scattered severe T-Storms;   Chance of rain: 60%

Fri Apr 4 Few Showers73°- 46°      Few Showers    Chance of rain:  30%

Sat Apr 5Partly Cloudy63° – 45°    Partly Cloudy    Chance of rain:    0%

Sun Apr 6Few Showers66° – 48°     Few Showers    Chance of rain:   30%

Our ability to play next Sunday will depend on us getting a break.  We need the areas where it supposed to rain to be somewhere other than Tobey Baseball field. 

I promise to keep everyone informed as we face these negative predictions this week.  Until the facts are known, keep the faith, the HDL will be playing baseball very soon….I HOPE!


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