Teams were finally able to put their rosters together and take a look at most likely positions to play their players.  Game one was Peterbilt verses Lomax Blue.  This game had a few surprises.  For 3 innings the teams were facing some good pitching but each team batters were able to put the ball in-play.

Jake to Schak

Jake to Schak

Each team pitchers only had 3 strikeout in 3 innings.  That meant the other 6 outs that each team recorded was by their defense.  Lomax Blue had 8 Hits (Bo McMinn – 2, Jake Hatchett – 2)  Peterbilt Reds had 7 hits (Jose Ortiz had 2 hits)

Second game between Prudential Orange and CDS Gray was a tight game for 4 innings as the Gray Team was leading 2-1.  But in the top of the 5th, the Orange team found success against relief pitcher Juan Castillo as 6 runs scored on some uncharacteristic mis-cues by the CDS Gray defense.  It seemed every time the Gray defense had opportunities to record an easy out, the ball would not stay in Gray fielder gloves.   At the same time, Jodie Wolfe turned the pitching over to his bullpen and they made it tough on the new team.  In the top of the 6th inning Larry Rutledge tried to stop the bleeding for the gray but a repeat of prior inning extended the score to 12-2 as Orange team scored 5 more runs on an error and three bloop hits.   The damage was done.

In the last inning, John McPhail worked on his pitching for Orange team and struggled with strike zone.  As a result the Gray team scored 5 additional runs to make the final score 12-7.

The Gray team will expect better results next Sunday when season kicks off with games that will count in the standings.  With Wes Hill available next week, the Gray will be ready when they face the Peterbilt Red team at 9:00 AM.  The 11:30 game next Sunday will be Prudential Orange vs Lomax Blue.


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