It has been a long time since the HDL attempted to hold a “Fund Raiser” for a worthy cause.  John DiGiacomo’s leadership and charisma made today’s unique venture an overall success.

While our goal was to raise $1000, when the final total is tallied, we hope to end up 70% of our goal.  Not bad for an event that has been scheduled two previous dates but each time we anticipated a decent turnout could be expected, the weather was either too cold or too wet.  For a while I was beginning to think we might have to postpone the fundraiser indefinitely.  Well thanks to a dry field and some early morning sunshine, conditions were about as good as anything we have seen this spring.

All teams for the HDL were adequately represented for our only round of “exhibition” games to be played this season.  We normally like to hold a couple of games to allow team managers to work with their new rosters and get a feel for how they match-up against the other HDL team compositions.  But all teams are anxious to start playing games that “count” in the record books.

Today’s turnout was not only our HDL players but also some of the team members families, relatives and friends dropped by to see what the A.L.S. Charity event was all about.  Many of the visitors dropped by the sign-up table to donate to the give-a-way of donated prizes.

"Ticket Master"

“Ticket Master”

Forty-seven prize winners were announced.  The majority of early drawing winners received one of the Skil/Bosch Tool Promotional t-shirt boxes.  After all of the 2:00 PM MSBL players arrived and had a chance to be part of the raffle for prizes, we started drawing for the Gift Cards and grand prize items.

Here is who won:

Home Depot $25 Gift Card – Bart Sparks

$20 Huey’s Restaurant Gift Card – Johnny Birkenstock

$25 Young Av. Deli Gift Card – Larry Mels

$25 Friday’s Gift Card – Jodie Wolfe

$25 Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card – Kurt Adkison

$25 Hibbet Sports Gift Card – Dana Russell

Ash Wood Bat – Robert Miller

Maple Wood Bat – Robert Miller  (Separate drawings – What Luck!)

$25 Charlies Meat Market Gift Card – Terry Terrell

New BBQ Grill – Jodie Wolfe

Two (2) Tickets to Grizzlies – Philadelphia 76er’s – Jake Hatchett


What did we learn about holding this event:

Good prizes help promote ticket donations.

More tickets could have been sold if we had started offering the tickets earlier.

Sending a “press release” to Commercial Appeal could have added general public participation.

Including other baseball leagues sounds like a good idea but needs better support and involvement.


The best part of this special charity is how personally it touched the lives of some of our favorite members and their families. A very special moment was shared by Kevin Latham that put today’s event in perspective and stressed how important what we were doing meant to them.  The HDL will continue to consider these type of promotions where we can make a difference.


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