Game 2 Rained Out – Duh!

Message drafted last Sunday about 11:30 AM:

“Due to Rain storm we cancelled 2nd game with Red & Blue. As of 11:30 we are in a “Rain Delay” in 1st game. Game halted in top of 3rd inning with Orange leading 2-0 on two wild pitch runs.  We placed tarps on field to try to salvage game.  Storm front looks like it will pass about 1:30. “

The above update was attempted on Sunday during our futile attempt to ride out the storm.  I created this post on my Blackberry phone.  This was the first time I tried to use my phone to make a web-blog entry.  I wondered why I never saw the post when I logged on to the blog with my home PC.  Now I know.  It was only saved as a “Draft”.  My apologies for the blunder.  I am very thankful that those who made the wise decision to stay home because your weatherman was much better than the one I listened to who was predicting that “Rain will hold off until Sunday evening.” WRONG!

Larry Rutledge

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