Friday & Sunday – Lots of HDL Baseball

I am leaving Thursday afternoon for a weekend trip to Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas with son, nephews and brother-in-law to play golf and relax. John DiGiacomo and Bo McMinn will be in charge. Any players who can help with game prep, please pitch-in and help. Everyone’s contribution is appreciated.

Game Schedule:

Friday: 7:00 PM – Peterbilt Red vs Prudential Orange (H)
Sunday: 9:00 AM – CDS Gray vs Lomax Blue (H); Sunday 11:30 AM – Prudential Orange vs Peterbilt Red (H)

Sunday: 2:00 PM – MSBL Over 40 Wood Bat Game (Fee Paid); Sunday 4:30 PM – MSBL Over 25 League Game (Jodie to pay MSBL Use fee)

*******  **************** ********

1. Field Prep – Please offer to assist Bo or Jocko. It’s a tough job and I much appreciate all these folks do to help with the field.
2. Water – Need someone to bring ice and fill-up Water Cooler at the field. Water Cooler will be in Container or see Jocko.
3. Umpires –Scheduled Umpires are: (FRIDAY) Steve Berkley and Mark Jackson. (SUNDAY) Steve Berkley and Dave McConnell.
      a. If any weird weather happens, contact Dave at 496-0971 and Mark Bates at 359-1736, and Steve Berkley at 503-3901.
      b. Checks for the umpires will be in envelope on a Clipboard hanging in the container, next to door..
4. Scorebook will be in the container. After Sunday’s games, leave scorebook in container and I will come by when I return to town and get it for line score report to newspaper .
5. Website write-up. Since I will not be here, I will recap the game based on scorebook entries so I can post a game summary on the Blog.
     a. I will have access to the Blog Site while I am out of town. If critical, I can post anything on the Blog at any time before I return on  Sunday. I am scheduled to drive back early on Sunday so I might be at Tobey before 2nd game is finished.
6. Bubble Gum: In a Bubblegum tub inside the container, but “Dave Montgomery needs to bring some back-up.”
7. Grill Cooking – Since Red plays Friday game, I am sure the Bar & Grillers will make it happen Someone take the lead to get it going.
8. Field Prep for MSBL Game. Any help appreciated: Dress up base paths and mound, clean-out dugouts, drag infield, add water if dusty.

9. Game Time:  Single Game:  9 innings or No new inning may start after 2 hr – 50 min.   Double Header:  9 innings or No new inning after 2 hr- 20 min, whichever comes first.

10.  Courtesy Runner – Same as last year.  Runner must re-touch base before advancing on passed ball-wild pitch not caught by catcher.  Keep it Simple.

My cell phone will accept messages so if you have a dire need to call me, don’t hesitate. 901-827-6830

Have some great games!

One last reminder: “Hitting a baseball is Timing. Pitching a baseball is upsetting timing.” – Warren Spahn

Larry Rutledge

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