My Best Shot – 5/7/14

Three games were played last weekend and I was out of town. When I returned on Sunday I immediately asked questions to try to find out about the games I had missed.  Different players gave me a few comments that told me the games were typical early season results.  At this time of year each game is a match-up of each team against the other teams and the team managers are still trying to figure out their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Several of the veterans on each team are offensively getting off to good starts.  Already we have had 4 or 5 Home-runs.  Pitching and defense of some teams has been a struggle.  These are the two game factors that will improve as skill position players get more consistent.  The injury bug has also hampered some players from being a major contributor to their teams.  When injuries occur it upsets the balance between the teams.  One thing that I see in the game recaps is way too many “hit-by-pitch” base runners.  Base-on-balls are also higher than they should be.  But all of these elements will change from week-to-week, game-to-game.

Now for the game recaps.

I know our players want to know what happened in the games that they might have missed or at least see who gets recognized in these editorial summaries.  I know they are important because since Monday morning, our “hdlmemphisblog” website has had 200 + visits.  I will say it again, “I can only comment based on what was recorded in the score-book and from what little comments I overheard from a few players. Speaking of the score-book, there are several entries (or lack of) that leave a lot to be desired.  Before the final game recap is entered into the season records, I will be contacting a few of the managers or officers to help clear up any questions.  For instance: every player who goes to the plate either reached base or didn’t reach base.  The only way to reach base is to get a hit, walk, on by error, or fielders choice. It surprised me how many times I saw a batter reaching base and NO explanation provided.

Friday night Game – Peterbilt Red 9 – Prudential Orange 16

Peterbilt scored 2 runs in top of 1st on 2 hits and 3 walks.  Kris Klinger was pitching for Orange. His inning by inning performance was wild enough to be effective as he had 8 K’s and 8 walks plus a “Hit Batter” in 5 innings.  He shut down the Red team after the 1st inning, except for a single run in the 4th inning that reached on an error (G. Coombs) Jodie Wolfe relieved Kris in the 6th and held the lead by using his defense to limit the Red to  6 runs.  Meanwhile, the Orange offense batted 11 and every hitter for the Orange had at least one hit.  Jodie Wolfe had a good night going 3 for 4 with his 2nd Homerun of the young season.  Cory Morgan was also “on fire” as he went 4 for 5 with 3 singles and a double.

Kevin Latham went the distance for Red and had a good game with 8 K’s and ONLY 1 Walk (unofficial – see above comment about batters on base with nothing marked as to how they reached base).  I was told many of the Orange hits were from batters fighting off good pitches and turning them into “basehits”. From what I could tell, Kevin was either striking out batters or they were getting hits.

Sunday 9:00 Game – Lomax Blue 6 – CDS Gray 5

This by far was most competitive game of weekend.  The CDS Gray team battled every pitch and stayed in the game until the last inning.  With Blue throwing Jake Hatchett, Bo McMinn and closing with PW Burnett, I would say CDS Gray gave the Blue team all they wanted. Please note, there was no hitter entries in the last inning so someone who remembers how the last 3 outs were recorded, please tell me.  Based on previous 6 innings, it appeared Gray team only had 2 hits and several batters reached on either errors or walks, but I can’t tell.

The Lomax Blue team book was fairly complete and showed only having 7 hits.  So Wes Hill had another impressive start. Wes recorded 5 K’s and 5 walks.  PW Burnett and Larry Hunsucker had 2 hits each and did the majority of damage to CDS pitching.

Sunday 2nd Game – Prudential Orange 18 – Peterbilt Red 8

Due to drama of last inning in 9:00 game, the 11:30 game did not start until 11:45 AM. Playing the same team, 2 games in 3 days, with limited pitching options, was not what Peterbilt needed at this point in the season.  Adam Wasson had caught the game Friday night and was probably the strongest arm on the team so Adam was called to see what he could do to slowdown the Orange “Crush” team.  The outcome was not pretty as Prudential Orange batters showed that Friday night was just a “warm-up” and they were ready for some juicy fastballs for lunch. The baseball was flying all over the park as Orange hitters belted out 9 hits against Adam before Joe Copen came in for his 2nd appearance of the season.  Joe didn’t do bad but he also had a few wild throws that batters had to dodge.  By the time Joe was relieved by “JB” (John Birkenstock) the score was 18-1. JB actually had an impressive outing as he did not yield a run and kept the ball on the infield.

Hitting stars:  Kris Klinger went 3 for 4 with 3 RBI’s; Patrick Belote (2 for 4); James Skinner (2 for 2); Tim Harris (2 for 2) The biggest hit of game was a 2 run homer by Greg Baccus off Joe Copen.  For Peterbilt: Mike Morris went 2 for 2 with a triple. and Kevin Latham was 2 for 3.

Pitching totals: OrangeNick Harris made his 2014 debut and recorded 7 K’s and 4 Walks while scattering 8 hits.

Mother’s Day weekend is a “No Baseball Sunday – Always has been – Always Will Be” 

However, we scheduled a game for Friday night between Peterbilt Red and Lomax Blue.  One problem:  Forecast for Rain on Friday looks doubtful there will be any games at all this weekend.  But don’t worry, we have many “Rain- Make-Up” days on our schedule for this summer and these cancelled games will be added.  If anyone cares to send comments about last weekend games, send comments via email or post here on the Blog.




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