Over the past 5 weeks, since season began, a few scheduled HDL games have been interrupted by the weather.

April 6th (Season Opener) – Rained Out 

April 27th, Rains washed out weekend games after Orange & Gray had played 2 innings at 9:00.


A total of 4 games were affected.  One game between Orange & Red was made-up on Sunday, May 4th.

So as of May 14, 2014, we have 3 games to be made-up.  (Gray-Orange; Blue-Gray; and RedBlue)


After looking at options, we proposed several changes to create Double Headers on Sunday’s between same teams.  Since we already had “planned” Friday dates as “Make-up dates”, open dates are available.

In order to avoid two teams playing a make-up game on Friday and having to come back on Sunday to play again, we asked the other two teams scheduled on Sunday to swap with teams needing to play the double header on Sunday.  For our HDL teams who also play on an MSBL team, they will get a break with this format.

REVISED SCHEDULE:  =>   Revised ’14 Schedule – version 1.4p 

18-May Week 6 Gray Red Blue Orange
23-May Rainout Make-up Gray * Orange *
25-May Memorial Day Weekend
30-May Week 7 – Swap / Blue-Gray to Sunday Orange Red
1-Jun Blue * Gray * Blue Gray
6-Jun Week 8 – Rainout Make-up Round 2 Orange Blue
8-Jun Red Gray
13-Jun Week 9 – Swap / Red-Blue to Sunday Orange Gray
15-Jun Red * Blue * Red Blue

If anyone has any questions or conflicts with the new schedule, please let your manager know as soon as possible.


It was requested and agreed, that “IF” a rescheduled game on Friday was Rained Out, then teams affected on Friday would be allowed to be rescheduled to the weekend Sunday date as the 2nd game(11:30 AM).  And the Sunday Double Header would be reduced to a single game at 9:00 AM.

Larry Rutledge

HDL President

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