Memorial Weekend Games

On Holiday weekends like Mother’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, etc., the HDL has had good success playing a game on Friday night before a “no game” on Sunday is scheduled.

This season with all the recent rainouts, we felt any type of game that we could play on Sunday would be a plus.  Our main goal was to  eliminate one of the 4 or 5 make-up games we have on the schedule.  This being Memorial Day weekend, since Gray and Orange played Friday night, the Blue Team asked if Gray team would be able to comeback on Sunday?  Two days before Friday game, the CDS Gray team thought they had enough players to field a representative team.  But even the best plans sometimes fall through.  One thing the Gray team didn’t count on was a host of new injuries during the Friday night game.

Friday Recap:  Prudential Orange 12 – CDS Gray 7

But before I cover how the Sunday game turned out, let me say a few words about the Friday night game between CDS Gray and Prudential Orange.  The weather was perfect for baseball. Each team had 11 or 12 players.  CDS Gray was visitor and went down 1-2-3 against Orange pitcher, James Skinner in first inning.  With Wes Hill available to pitch for CDS, the game was anticipated to be an even match.  Wes Hill only gave up 1 run in first inning on 3 hits.  In the top of 2nd inning, CDS Gray responded with 1 run on 3 hits.DSCN3876  So going into bottom of 2nd, the score was tied.  But Wes Hill ran into an Orange Buzz Saw as 10 Orange batters came to the plate. Five runs were scored on 7 hits.  Some of the hits were “dinkers” that just floated over the infield.  But there were also some long ball, extra base, shots that knocked in  runs.

The Gray team was shaking their heads in dismay at how tough it was to get the Orange team hitters out. And equally frustrating, James Skinner was being stingy. Skinner was not allowing any Gray team hitters to get any offense going.

By the top of the 4th inning, the Orange team was up by score of 8-1.  This score ballooned to 11-2 as the Orange team scored 3 more runs in bottom of 4th.  Juan Blanco relieved We Hill in bottom of 4th and Juan got a taste of what We Hill had faced when the Orange team got 3 runs on 2 doubles by Patrick Belote and Skinner.

By the bottom of the 5th inning, Juan Blanco had got loose and was starting to place the ball away from the meat of the plate. For the next 4 innings, Juan Blanco was outstanding.  Juan strukout 6 Orange batters and only gave up 4 runs.  As Juan started controlling the Orange team hitters, the Gray Team offense started to wake up.  In the 6th inning, Gray team sent 10 batters to the plate.  Big back-to-back hits by the top four batters kept the line of batters moving.  Carlos Varela and Carlos Medina had the biggest hits to make the score 7 – 11.DSCN3881

In bottom of 6th inning, Jerry Tatum lead off the inning with his 3rd base hit of the night.  Jerry scored on John DiGiacomo’s deep drive over the Gray team right fielder’s head.  For the final 3 innings, no one else scored.  There were lots of hits in this game.  Gray team had 13 hits and Orange had 16.  Out of 23 players in the game, only 5 batters failed to record a base hit.

Hit Leaders:  Orange:  Patrick Belote (3/4, 3 R’s, 3 Dbls); Jerry Tatum (3/4, 2 R’s, 2 RBI’s)  Players w/ 2 hits:  Cory Morgan, Greg Bacchus, Paul Baioni, John DiGiacomo.  Gray Team: Players w/ 2 hits: Jose Castillo, Carlos Varela, Carlos Medina, and Larry Rutledge

Pitching total:  James Skinner – 9 inn., 7 runs, 13 hits, 9 K’s, 3 BB’s, Gray Team:  Wes Hill – 3 IP, 8 R, 13 H, 4 K’s, 3 BB;  Juan Blanco – 6 IP, 4 R, 3H, 6 K, 2 BB

Sunday GameLomax Blue 21 – CDS Gray  10

All day Saturday, there were urgent requests for players from Orange or Red to please show-up to help field a team to avoid a forfeit. (Forfeits are not allowed in HDL, by the way) So when teams and players showed up on Sunday morning, we were not sure we would have enough to make it a game.  As it turned out, we had just enough with the cooperation of  Terry Terrell from Blue team who made the Gray have 9 players.  Tim Harris (Orange) also showed up right at game time and added some pop at bottom of the batting order.  Basically the nucleus of the Gray team was made up of only 4 roster ed players: Johnny Gonzalez, Ramon Moreta, Juan Blanco and Larry Rutledge.  Remaining lineup included, Cory Morgan, Johnny Birkenstock, and Johnny Houghton.

This game was supposed to be a resumption of the April 27th Suspended game that was stopped at end of 2nd inning when rain washed out the game.  However, we could not find the scorebook from the original game and managers agreed to restart the game and use the 9 inning or 2 Hr 50 Min. time limit. CDS Gray batted first and took advantage of Jake Hatchett first inning control struggles.  Johnny Gonzalez walked, Ramon flew out to left, Juan Blanco walked.  Cory Morgan walked to load bases. Johnny Birkenstock popped up to Bo McMinn at 3rd base.  Johnny Houghton hit the ball hard and knocked in 2 runs.  Terry Terrell followed with a solid smash to left field for a stand-up double and 2 rbi’s.  Inning ended when Larry Rutledge grounded out.

In bottom of first Ramon Moreta pitched for Gray. Larry Hunsucker didn’t waste any time as he singled and stole 2nd. Bo McMinn walked, PW K’d, Otis singled, Kurt Atkison and Kevin Nilsen walked.  When Tony Lomax came to the plate, Ramon Moreta felt soreness in his arm and turned over the mound to Larry Rutledge.  Rutledge was not loose and walked Tony before getting Jake Hatchett to line-out to Johnny Houghton in right field.  Johnny’s catch saved at least 3 runs.  So after one inning the score was 4-3 with Gray holding on to the early lead.  In top of 2nd Gray team had 2 runners on but Cory Morgan flew out to right field.  In bottom 2nd inning, the game got ugly as Rutledge struggled.  Aaron Sinzheimer had a swinging bunt single.  Tim Wallenstrom walked and Larry Hunsucker grounded to 2nd base to score Aaron. Then Travis Hill walked, Bo doubled, PW RBI Sac-fly, two outs but score was now 6-4 Blue. Otis Edwards walked, Kurt Atkison singled, Kevin Nilsen singled, Lomax walked, Jake Hatchett singled, Aaron singled and finally Tim Wallenstrom grounded into an easy force out.

Nothing happened in 3rd inning.  Gray didn’t score but Rutledge also had a good inning and held the Blue from scoring thanks to an outstanding catch in right field by Johnny Houghton who played Bo McMinn perfectly cheating toward right-center.  Bo’s deep fly was heading to the fence when Houghton made his best catch of the season.  In the top of the 4th inning, Tim Harris doubled, Ramon Moreno doubled, Juan Blanco singled.  Cory Morgan singled. Birkenstock was Hit-by-pitch.  As Johnny Houghton was batting, Bo McMinn was missing his catchers mitt and 2 runs were allowed to score from 3rd base.

Blanco Scored

Blanco Scored

Morgan scored

Morgan scored

Going into bottom of 4th, score was 11-8 in favor of Blue.  This is where Rutledge should have took himself out because the six batters he faced all reached base and scored. (2 walks and 3 hits)  Tim Harris was called in to take over. Tim had not been used as a pitcher since the 2012 season. Tim retired three of the four batters he faced but allowed a double to Travis Hill.

With the score 17-8, players on both teams were still trying to have fun. So going into bottom of 6th inning and it already decided the game would end after 7 innings, Terry Terrell was selected to “close” the game for Gray team.  Terry got Jake Hattchett to ground out to Cory – Rutledge (5-3).  Aaron walked.  Wallenstrom reached on a hard hit ball back at Terrell that glanced off  Terry’s mitt and became an error when a quick reaction from Juan Blanco picked up the ball and threw off-balanced to try to get TimmyLarry Hunsucker , Travis and Bo McMinn all singled. The inning ended when PW’s ground ball turned into a double play. The game ended with a final score of 21-10.


Hit Leaders:  Lomax BlueAaron Sinzheimer (3 for 3); Hunsucker, Travis,  Bo, Kurt, Jake and Wallenstrom all had 2 hits.  Gray:  Juan Blanco (3 for 3); Cory Morgan (2 for 4) and Tim Harris (2 for 3).

Pitching:  The score was 21-10 – there were no outstanding pitching stats.  27 Hits, 17 Walks and 3 Hit Batters.

HDL Schedule:

Friday May 30, 7:00 PM  –  Prudential Orange vs Peterbilt Red 

Sunday, June 1, 9:00 AM – Lomax Blue vs CDS Gray








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