6 Games equal 1/3

Last Sunday was June 8th and the HDL has finally played approximately six games per team, except Peterbilt who has only played 5 games.  We started the season on April 13th, eight weeks ago.  But with rain and holiday’s (Easter/Mother’s/Memorial), we have only managed 5-6 games played per team.

Given the circumstances, I guess we haven’t done too bad.  What we have accomplished is just to make the best out of every bad situation we have been faced with.  Through all the threats from storms that happen around our scheduled games, everyone has remained positive and open to last minute schedule adjustments and changes.

We have also learned that last minute changes demand a multitude of communication methods to get the “official” word to everyone.  Fortunately this is the year 2014 and not 2004 when the internet and phone features were much less sophisticated. We now have ability to update websites, send text messages and emails to get in-touch with our members in a timely manner using our network of team leaders and officers.  But I am looking forward to a Friday-Sunday game schedule where no changes or Flash-Alerts are necessary to convince players we are on-schedule and on-time.

Early Game: CDS Gray 6 – Peterbilt Red 3

These two teams are about as evenly matched as any 2 teams in the HDL.  Each team has talent that equals the other team’s talent.  For first 3 innings this game was 1-0 with Peterbilt scoring first. In first 3 innings, Wes Hill(CDS) had 4 K’s and Kevin Latham(Red) had 3 K’s. In the 4th inning Peterbilt went down 1-2-3.  In bottom of 4th, CDS sent 8 batters to the plate with their first 3 hitters (Medina/Moreta/Blanco) all scoring.  Oscar Zamudio and Steve Erdough had RBI hits to drive in the 3 runs.

In the top of the 5th inning, Juan Blanco relieved Wes Hill for CDS.  Juan shut down Peterbilt in 5th & 6th. Kevin Latham went the distance for Peterbilt and pitched well.  All Peterbilt needs is some more offense.  Lack of consistent hitting is what is holding back the Red Team from coming out on top.  CDS continued to score runs in 5th and 7th innings to push the score to 6-3.  Peterbilt tried to rally in the 7th inning when Dave Montgomery lead of with a double and scored on Joe Copen’s RBI single.

Highlights:  CDS – Ramon Moreta went 3 for 4, Carlos Medina and Johnny Gonzalez each had 2 hits. Oscar Zamudio had 3 RBI’s.  Wes Hill ended up with 5 K’s while only allowing 3 hits.

Game of the Day:

Prudential Orange 10Lomax Blue 9

Lomax Blue jumped out to an early 3-0 lead and quickly made it 6-0 before Orange team responded with 3 runs in bottom of 3rd. Jodie Wolfe got the start for Orange and faced 8 hitters in 1st inning, 8 in 2nd inning and 6 in the 3rd. So I guess it took Jodie 3 inning to get loose or 3 innings to figure out how to slow down the Blue team offense because in 4th and 5th inning Jodie was locked in.

Meanwhile, his Orange teammates were having their problems with Blue team’s pitcher, Bo McMinn, until Greg Bacchus connected with a pitch he liked and sent it over the left field fence for a 3 run Homer and make the score 7-6 in the 5th inning.

The Lomax Blue team responded in top of 6th inning when Kevin High reached on an error (E6), Larry H. walked and Kevin Nilsen tripled.  So with a 9-7 lead, Lomax Blue brought in PW Burnett to close the game.

With enough time on the clock to go one more inning, the Blue team failed to add a run in top of 7th.  The game looked grim after Orange team lead-off hitter, Jerry Tatum K’d.  But with one out, Don Hinkle inserted himself in game for Ray ReinhartDon walked on 5 pitches to keep inning alive.  The next Orange batter, Patrick Belote, tripled off PW and Hinkle scored (9-8).  Next hitter, Cory Morgan singled in the tying run and then stole 2nd base.

The game winner came when James Skinner worked a 3-1 count and got a fastball he was looking for. Game Over – final score:  10-9  Several players who were still at Tobey when I dropped by about 7:00 PM told me the OrangeBlue game was a really good game.  I am a believer.


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