Mid Season Report – State of the HDL

Team Records:

         Orange (9-1)

         Blue (5-4)

         Gray (4-5)

         Red (0-8)

It is obvious to everyone that Orange team is in the “drivers seat” for number one seed into post season bracket.  The biggest surprise has been lack of wins by Peterbilt Red team.  At (0-8) with a pitching staff that has Andrew Waddell and Kevin Latham, they should have a better record.  But baseball is a team game that is built around balance.  A competitive team must have pitching, but just as important is defense and offense.  If any one of these components are weak or under perform, in any given game, the end result can be disappointing. At this point in season, after each team has played 8, 9 or 10 games, we can see some noticeable statistical differences. 

For instance, Orange team is averaging 13.6 runs per game while allowing only 7.7 runs/game.

Blue team scores an average of 11.3 runs per game and allows 9.78 rpg. 

Gray team is very similar, scoring 9.22 rpg and allowing 10.7 rpg. 

But on the other end of the spectrum, Red team only scores 5.75 runs per game but allows almost 13.25 runs per game.  When the game gets out-of-reach, the Red team can neither hold their opponent or score enough runs in late innings to overcome any reachable deficit.

Every year we conduct the team draft with minimum data about new players.  A lot of time, these new players are like buying stock on the Stock Market. You never know which player will be a top performer who can make a difference. For the team draft captain who has the inside knowledge of a potential difference maker and are able to get that player in the draft, they are like “inside traders” who have unfairly taken advantage of those draft captains who were not willing to take the risk.

So how do we re-balance the league when there is obvious inequities?  Well, every year, after the draft, the HDL officers advise all team managers that around mid-season, the officers will evaluate the balance of the league and if an under-performing team has a blaring deficiency, we will make “trades” or move players to where they can make an impact on the competitiveness of the league.

This year is no different. The obvious request from Peterbilt Red team is the need for another pitcher who can throw strikes.  Also, the Red team has a need for another dependable RBI or rally starter in their line-up.  Any defensive improvement would only make the impact of the selected player an added benefit.

This year, Bo McMinn, Jocko and Rutledge have identified a key player who we feel is a perfect fit to assist the Red Team as the 2nd half gets started. But just as in years past, the team manager who has to give up an originally drafted player ALWAYS balks, bitches, and bemoans how devastating this will be to his team.  The need to swap or move a player in the HDL should NEVER be contested.  The change is made to make the weekly games more competitive.  And at the same time, any efforts to balance the teams will only make the fun of a competitive game more exciting to be involved with – FOR EVERYONE!

We will make an announcement on the player to be reassigned in next couple of days.  With everyone’s support, we appreciate what you do to make the HDL a very special and unique organization to enjoy baseball for what it is:  A GAME!

 Larry Rutledge


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