I sent this to everyone by email copy earlier today. This shows HDL team rosters as of today. (July 2nd, 2014)



Some of you may have heard we have moved Tim Harris for Orange Team to the Peterbilt Red team to improve Red Team overall balance against other 3 HDL teams. Tim’s versatility will be utilized in a variety of ways to help make the Red Team more competitive.

In recent years we have tried to avoid making roster adjustments but this year it was necessary to make a change. There is no guarantee that making changes will achieve expected results. Ultimately it is up to each individual on a team to step up their game to make an impact on their team’s performance. There are two scenarios that occur when roster changes are made:

  1. Other teams will realize the team with new player is instantly improved so they play harder to make sure they can still beat the team with improved line-up. OR,

  2. Individuals on team with new player will play better and as a whole display their true potential to play better baseball than their opponents.

Additional roster changes have been proposed. Some of the additional proposals are “on-hold” until the most recent change has a few games to be evaluated. The impact of roster moves on overall team “balance” is what we will consider. The HDL designation of July “WOOD BAT” games will change the entire HDL game landscape. It alone could be an equalizer, if teams make proper adjustments, such as, moving outfielders “IN” because long balls are much rarer.

One other adjustment I suggest, from what I have observed, is most teams give up their most runs in a game on balls hit to the “right Side” of the infield. That is typically where less experienced players are positioned. I am a firm believer that the most experienced and reliable position players need to be on right side (First Base, 2nd Base & Right Field). A miss-played ball in right field is either a triple or inside-the-park homer. A miss-played ball in left field is, at the most, a “Double.” Think About It!!

Also, early in a game, teams that give-up a run for a sure “out” are usually in position to have a chance to win the game in late innings. Teams need to be disciplined and stick to basic fundamentals….catch the ball, set yourself, and make an accurate throw. (if to a base force out play.)

I will add one more reminder, we do not limit teams from padding their stats or adding insurance runs as long as the run-differential is less than 10 runs. With a 10 Run lead, a team may not steal bases nor may they bunt. We allow advancement on a wild pitch or passed ball but even this is discouraged to show mercy on a team that has fallen behind or struggling. Teams should encourage opportunities for their opponents to have a chance to rally and make a game close. The HDL “No Run Rule” game format promotes come-backs. It is what adds enthusiasm and excitement through the entire game. Once an opponent has decreased the run differential, the no stealing/bunting rule is ignored.

If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to respond.

Larry Rutledge
HDL President



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