It was not “just another HDL game.”  This game was special because Peterbilt Red team earned their first victory of the 2014 season.

    No big number Innings

No big number Innings

For a team that has tried almost everything to to get in the “Win” column, their luck had always ended up short.  But last night against the Lomax Blue team, they had the right attitude that it takes to come out on top. And they had a rested Kevin Latham who went the distance and did not allow a late Lomax Blue rally to spoil all their hard work.

Some will say the outcome was the result of Red getting Tim Harris to switch over from the Orange team.  Maybe so, as Tim Harris arrived late (work delay) and batted in the 11th batter spot and was 2 for 3 with an RBI and run scored.

Others will say the result was due to mandatory use of Wood Bats.  This might be the biggest contributor to the outcome. As predicted, the game stayed in the single digits. For first 3 innings, an average of 4 batters per team came to the plate.  The innings were short & sweet.  Balls that were put in-play were pretty much “routine” – “At ’em” balls.  The only “deep” drive of the game was a foul ball hit by Jake Hatchett that landed over the fence along the 3rd base fence line.  Wood bat base hits were about the same as any non-wood bat game.  Red Team had 13 hits and Blue team had 8.  Errors were equal.  Red (4), Blue (3)

Another fact that may have had an influence on game result.  Lomax Blue team was missing:  PW Burnett (work), Otis Edwards (work), Terry Terrell (work), Kevin Nilsen (work) and Aaron Sinzheimer (Family). But just as important, Andrew Waddell(work) missed game for Red Team.

David Sexton made a rare 2014 appearance for the Red Team as he was summoned to come out to see what he might be able to do to help Red Team pitching depth.  Although David was not needed last night, he is lined up for use on Sunday as several other key Red Team players will be “off” for Holiday personal events.

After the game, both teams enjoyed the usual post-game festivities.  Jennifer Owen-Russell did much to the cooking honors as she contributed some baked sweet potatoes and Brats.  Robert Miller had plenty of “Dogs” and Glenn Coombs surprised everyone with some pre-grilled chicken that was delicious. Oh-yeah, we had cut up watermelon for dessert. Only thing missing was some “fireworks” to make it feel like Fourth of July Fiesta!

Post game consensus agreement was the Red Team will have enough players to play the CDS Gray team on Sunday. This will be the first time many of the Gray team players have tried using “Wood Bats”.  Ramon Moreta was apprehensive when he was asked to fill-in for Blue team and got to swing the “lumber” in 4 trips to the plate.  But after going 3 for 4, he may not go back to metal bats.  Let’s hope everyone else has fun using wood bats.  It sure sounded differently last night.  Nothing like “the crack of the bat!”  Oh yes, there were a few casualties last night.  Some of the bats did not survive.  But fortunately, the HDL has plenty of wood bats to choose from.



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