Peterbilt Red & CDS Gray Win

Peterbilt Red 11 – Prudential Orange – 5

The July HDL schedule requiring Wood bats, coincidentally, has created a much different competitiveness in the league than what was the trend during first 10 games.

In July, Peterbilt Red has won 2 out of 3 games after going 0 for 9.  But I do not believe the type of bats should get all the credit. Playing games with a more positive attitude helps.  Improved effort and performances by individual players probably makes a difference. It also helps when your opponents take their early successes for granted. (just an assumption)

More than any other reason, we are in middle of summer.  Families are on vacations. Or busy with family sports events. Or players work demands and schedules interfere or conflict with HDL games.  On the positive side, teams have not been short players when it’s game time.  And when extra backup players have been requested, players have arrived wanting to help out. As long as weather continues to bless us, we will play our favorite past time and share with our friends.

In summary, from what I was told, Kevin Latham had another strong outing and must have had good defensive support to hold down a still potent Orange team. The Red team hitters have obviously taken a liking to swinging wood because they are making good contact and scoring runs.

CDS Gray 7 – Lomax Blue 5

This was another game where CDS Gray team showed they are adjusting quickly to the feel of the wood bats. Lots of players were making solid contact and finding base hits.  Wes Hill continues to rack up the innings with his “rubber” arm. The Lomax Blue team has played good baseball but been much too nice to their opponents. I look for Blue Team to start clicking and when they do, “Watch-out”.

Coming attractions: 

Tobey field is taking a lot of baseball traffic and this means additional dirt and repairs are needed.  So in next two weeks we will buy a load of dirt and add where it is needed.  New clay bricks have been obtained but need to be installed in batters boxes, catchers position, and pitchers mound footprint areas. Some of this work will be scheduled on Saturdays so members can come out to help.

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