5 to 4 Times Two!

I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it in person.

Two HDL games that went 9 innings.  Within league game time limits. And score of both games were the same – 5 to 4.


Blue Team Hangs On

Blue Team Hangs On

Friday night Lomax Blue fell behind 1-0 in first inning but by the 3rd & 4th innings had taken a 3-1 lead.  Jake Hatchett got the start for Blue team since veteran Bo McMinn was nursing a lame foot problem that had Bo walking around with a “boot.”  Jake did a good job mixing pitches and making Red Team hitters hit the ball to his excellent defense.

With Kevin High playing Shortstop, anything on that side of infield was getting taken care of.  Kevin made several clean pick-ups of tough ground balls.  His throwing arm to first base was on target all night long.  Kevin had 7 assists for the game that included a 1-6-3 DP in 6th inning.  Opposite Jake for the Red team was Andrew WaddellAndrew’s night was feast or famine.  Andrew coaxed 10 Blue team batters to “K”.  But much to his team’s demise, the Blue team recorded 12 “base hits.”  It seemed every time a Blue team hitter got to a full count that they found a way to make enough contact to find a hole.  The top hitters for Blue team were Otis Edwards (3 for 3); Tony Lomax (2 for 5); Tim Wallenstrom (2 for 4). Five other Blue team batters had a hit.

What may surprise you is the Red Team hitters were doing about the same thing as they had 10 hits for the game. Their top hitters were Kevin Latham (2 for 4) and Andrew Waddell (3 for 4). Five other Red team batters had a hit.  Tim Harris’s lone hit was a stand-up triple in  the 6th inning that scored Jeff Allen who had walked to start a rally that temporarily gave the Peterbilt Red team the lead 4-3.  At this point with Waddell pitching, you would think the Red team was in good position to get their 3rd win of the season…. “NOT”.  The following inning (7th), the Blue team got two RBI back-to-back singles to score Larry Hunsucker and Otis Edwards and take a 5-4 lead that would be the final score.

It was a good game.  No complaining, no blaming the umpires or wood bats.  Just two teams giving their best to come out on top.  With a score this close, the old cliche, “Best team won.” did not seem to apply.

We have a Match!

We have a Match!


Sunday morning the field conditions were perfect.  Bo McMinn and Patrick Belote had the infield and home plate areas looking fantastic.

After a player “good sportsmanship” reminder speech by Larry Rutledge, the CDS Gray and Prudential Orange teams buckled down to play one of the best games of the “Wood Bat” season.

Top team pitchers, Wes Hill for Gray and Nick Harris for Orange, would put on a clinic in precision pitching.  Both these pitchers were “outstanding”.  Nick Harris was super tough to hit as he struck-out 11 Gray team batters in the game.  On other hand, Wes Hill depended on his solid defense to get Orange team batters out.

Unlike the game with BlueRed where there was 22 hits, Gary and Orange team hitters were limited to only 15 hits. Good pitching and defense for these teams was a joy to watch.  Only three players had 2 hits apiece.  They were  Juan Blanco (2 for 3) for Gray team and John McPhail and Greg Bacchus (2 for 3) for Orange team. The other hitters for each team with one solo hits were mainly the RBI guys.  For Orange Team, James Skinner, Nick Harris and Kris Klinger had RBI Singles.  For Gray team, Oscar Zamudio had 2 RBI’s and Carlos Varela 1 RBI.

Defensive Gem:  The highlight reel defensive play-of-the-day was made by Gray team second baseman, Carlos Medina, when he robbed John DiGiacomo of an RBI single in bottom of 8th inning.  Jocko’s line drive was caught by a diving Carlos Medina who rolled over on the ground to toss the ball to second base before Kris Klinger could get back to the bag.  This inning-ending Double Play saved a run and got the Gray team out of a jam.  Cesar Roman had just relieved Wes Hill, threw one pitch to Jocko and retired the Orange team.

But with Nick Harris in control of his pitches, the Gray team never had any opportunity to mount a rally.  In 7th-8th & 9th innings, Nick never faced more than the minimum 3 batters. Balls that were hit went right to his reliable defense for easy outs.

Nick facing Cesar for final out

Nick facing Cesar for final out

DJ puts out Cesar

DJ puts out Cesar

Both Teams were proud of their participation

Both Teams were proud of their participation

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