Where do I begin to try to explain this wacky weekend of HDL baseball? 

Two valuable players on the CDS Gray team were seriously injured. 

Sunday morning in bottom of 3rd inning, CDS Center fielder, Johnny Gonzalez attempted to steal 2nd base.  Johnny had no idea this would likely be his final play in his HDL rookie season.

As Johnny went head first and face down into 2nd base, his outstretched arms were grasping for the base.   At the same time his body was sliding away from the base to the outfield side of the bag.  All of his strength was being exerted on his strong shoulders to re-connect with the base.  This excessive pressure on his shoulders was too much and it caused his upper left arm bone to slip out of its shoulder socket.  Immediate pain was experienced by Johnny as players came to his aid in hopes that he would be OK. The site of his shoulder was proof that something serious had occurred and the only option was to get Johnny to medical help as soon as possible.  Arrangements were made with Methodist Emergency Room for Johnny’s arrival.  Larry Rutledge assisted Johnny to the Emergency Room.

Johnny out of Hospital

Johnny out of Hospital

With-in one hour to 1-1/2 hour after the injury, Johnny’s arm was re-connected with his shoulder and the excruciating pain he had to endure was numbed by doctor applied medication.  The road to Johnny’s recovery would start at this point.  Johnny has accepted the fact that his season is over this year but he has already made up his mind that he will make a comeback in 2015.  Johnny is a tough guy who loves baseball as much as any player who has ever played in the HDL.

The game continued at Tobey Park with regular telephone updates from teammates exchanged while Johnny was at the Hospital.  On one of the phone calls to Tobey, Larry Rutledge was informed that Johnny’s replacement in Center Field, Steve Eordogh, was attempting to catch a high fly ball that was blocked by the blinding sun as it dropped, undeflected, and contacted Steve’s facial nose.  Lots of blood vessels were injured with the impact and continued until ice packs and compression could be applied.  Steve’s baseball day was already scheduled to be short since he was assigned to officiate a College Soccer match in Arkansas at 2:00 on Sunday.  Needless to say, Steve did not plan on this unexpected event.  Since Steve had already left Tobey when Larry Rutledge returned to the park, details of how his condition affected his Soccer duties is unknown at this time.   We all hope he will heal in next two weeks since HDL has no games scheduled over the Labor Day weekend.

What other crazy things happened?

FRIDAY 8-22-14

FRIDAY 8-22-14

Friday night, Peterbilt Red handed Prudential Orange their 5th loss of the season with an 11-1 win.  Each team was short players but each team still had 10 players to use for the game.

The Prudential Orange team was without a regular catcher since Greg Bacchus and Jerry Tatum both  were unable to participate. Nick Harris also could not make it and that pushed Jodie Wolfe into the Pitcher position and Paul Baioni did the catching.

Andrew Waddell started for the Red team.  For two innings the game was close as Peterbilt scratched a single run in bottom of 1st. In bottom of 3rd inning, Peterbilt’s Dave Montgomery singled, Drew Fontenot walked, Jeff Allen’s ground ball forced Montgomery out at 3rd base.  Johnny Houghton singled and Andrew Waddell followed with a double.  Ortiz popped out to Baioni for 2nd out.  Then Glenn Coombs ground ball single under Ray Reinhart’s outstretched glove allowed 2 more runs to score. Four runs scored in the inning to stake Waddell to a 5-0 lead.

Andrew Waddell was as good as he was a year ago.  For the game Andrew had 9 K’s and only 2 walks, 1 ER on 2 HITS!  The Red Team had a total of 14 hits.  Johnny Houghton and Andrew Waddell had 3 hits apiece.  This game went 9 innings and was played in 2 hours and 25 min.  The post game celebration knocked off early and the park was cleared by 11:40 AM.

Sunday’s games were discussed during pre-game to be shortened to 2 hrs and 15 min. due to high heat index projected.  That was the plan.

But when the first game was interrupted twice in first 4 innings for player injuries, almost 30 minutes was added to the game clock.  This additional time would have a cascading effect to the remaining games scheduled at Tobey on Sunday.

The game between Lomax Blue and CDS Gray would not end until after 12:00 Noon when CDS would hang on to win 5-3.  Clutch hits by Oscar Zamudio helped the cause for the Gray team.  Oscar accounted for 2 RBI’s, one in 2nd inning and one in 6th inning.   Playing without Wes Hill and Juan-Jose Castilla, the Gray team called on HDL veteran Cesar Roman to handle the pitching.  Cesar did an excellent job limiting the blue team base runners and recording 8 K’s in 6-2/3 innings before turning over “Closer” duties to Juan Blanco to get the last out of the game on a fly-out to center field.

Orange vs Gray:

Gray sweeps Sunday DH

Gray sweeps Sunday DH

A close game where great pitching by Nick Harris and Juan Blanco made this game “tight” the entire game.  The 3 runs scored by CDS Gray in bottom of 3rd inning proved to be the difference.  Lead-off hitter, Carlos Cabrerra walked. Carlos Medina singled, Cesar popped up for 1st out.  Juan Blanco’s grounder forced Cabrerra out for 2nd out. But back-to-back hits by Oscar Zamudio and Ramon Moreta made the score 3-0 in favor of CDS Gray.  The Orange team would score a run in top of 6th inning but that was best the Orange could do on this hot, August sunshine that took the fire out of a lot of players, some of whom were pacing themselves for additional games to be played later in the day.

Final score Gray 3 – Orange 1.



Team Records:

Prudential Orange (12-6)

Lomax Blue (10-8)

CDS Gray (10-8)

Peterbilt Red (4-14)


Sunday, September 7th

9:00 AM – Prudential Orange vs Lomax Blue 

11:30 AM – Peterbilt Red vs CDS Gray


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