Officer Elections – Information/Clarification

With Officer elections scheduled in next few weeks I am editing and reposting a Post that was placed on the Blog in 2012.  Officer Nomination Ballots will be circulated and collected for candidates to be voted on by the majority of HDL members.

It is not true that any current officer can only hold office for only one term.  Officer re-elections DO re-occur every two years. This 2 year term insures the officers are doing a good job for the league or they are at risk of being replaced.

Information about HDL officer elections, terms and duties is not currently covered on “The Rules” page of this Blog/site.  So I am including below a copy of the old ( section pertaining to “Officers” and their duties for your review.  I have made a few edits to align with the voting ballots we will ask members to complete.

The latest Ballot asks members to nominate a President and 3 VP’s.  Once a list of nominated officers are determined, the current Officers will determine which Officer candidates can handle the necessary duties needed to run the league.  After all “nominations” are completed, the top nominees will be announced and nominees will have an opportunity to address the members to declare their individual acceptance of the nomination.  Once nominations are closed, members will “elect” their preference by completing a written ballot form.

HDL OFFICER Roles and Responsibilities:

Hernando DeSoto League is an organization that exists for the purpose of providing a competitive outlet for baseball players (also referred to as “Members”) that are 30 years old and/or older; it further exists for the players.  The League consists of all of the players that are active, dues paying members.  The League will be governed by a set of officers voted on by its members.  The officers must be active, dues paying members at time of nomination.  The offices are to include a President, and three (3) Vice Presidents. All officers will be elected by the members.  These are the only official positions to be held in the League and are the only officers of the League.  The responsibilities of the officers are as follows:


President – General overview of the League to include sportsmanship, umpire procurement, finances, equipment, public relations, recruitment, communication systems and field availability.


Vice Presidents – These positions are to be responsible for the duties of equipment, umpire and field procurement as well as recruitment. The Vice Presidents will, further, fill in for the President when he is not available.

Vice President positions will facilitate the following responsibilities and administrative support functions:

Treasurer – The financial business of the League will be the responsibility of the Officer in charge of these responsibilities. Treasurer, with the oversight of the League president, will ensure a system of checks and balances.  This position is charged with collecting all dues, fines and other monies due to the League.  The Sec./Treas. must keep a balanced book for the League and account for all dues and expenses (i.e., deposits, paying umpires, equipment purchases, baseballs, field maintenance materials, field improvements. rental fees, etc.) 

Secretary – This position will be responsible for verification of accurate meeting minutes and League stats among other supportive obligations.


Officers shall be elected to a term of two years.  The election of officers is be held before or at the beginning of the playoffs of even numbered years (i.e., 2010, 2012, 2014, etc.).  The terms of the officers elected will commence immediately following the League Championship or Post Season Banquet after elections are held. 

The current officers at the time of the Championship game or Post Season Banquet shall present to officers-elect any and all collateral, equipment and finances to include access to the aforementioned. 

In order to be eligible as an officer the following criteria must be met:

 1.                  President – Member in good standing with at least 5 years of HDL service.

 2.                  Vice Presidents – Member in good standing with at least 2 years of HDL service.                


Larry Rutledge

Current HDL President

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