Looking Ahead

Sunday will be an important game in the HDL.  No doubt, both teams want to win to keep playing. That is all and good but I plead for these teams to maintain a realistic perspective.  The two teams will play a “game”.  The object of the  game is to out score their opponent.

No matter how long it takes, in the end, there will be one winner and one team that failed to score enough runs to be proclaimed the winner.

So please watch what happens during the game.  Each play, each pitch, each hit, each swing and miss, will contribute to the end results. In the end we want all players on both teams to leave the field feeling that they did the best they could.

Don’t forget to congratulate the team that won the right to play another game. And be humble that your opponent gave you a good game and deserve your respect.

Good Luck to both teams!  You both have had a fantastic season and next year will be even better.


Larry Rutledge


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